PollWatch 2012: Rosemeade Rec Center, Carrollton

What on earth is going on up in Carrollton? First we hear about chaos at E.L. Kent Elementary, now one of our D Magazine staffers reports her difficulties in voting at Rosemeade Recreation Center, precincts 2008 and 2009 in Denton County:

 I got there at 7:10 a.m., but the line didn’t start crawling at a snail’s pace until 7:45. One of the voting machines was down. The printer was also down. And the knucklehead volunteers weren’t any help. They were the most inefficient three people I have ever seen work as a team. A woman holding a baby barely stood in the entrance and turned around after she saw the line extending across the Great Wall of China. People were evacuating the building left and right. Our numbers started to dwindle after 8:30. After two hours of waiting in line, I almost called in sick for work so I could buckle down and type in voter ID registrations myself. By 9:05 a.m., one of the three knuckleheads told a fellow knucklehead, “This is about to get worse for you. My wife’s car broke down and I have to give her a ride to work.” Rosemeade Rec is about to get much, much slower.