Plus-sized Blogger Grabs NY Times’ Attention

Chastity Garner runs GarnerStyle: The Curvy Girl Guide, a fashion blog for plus-sized women, based in Dallas. The New York Times came calling today:

These bloggers said they often bypass traditional stores like Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart or Avenue in favor of more up-to-the-minute styles at ASOS Curve, Forever 21+ and vintage shops.

“I don’t shop a lot of the stores like Lane Bryant,” said Chastity Garner, 32, who lives in Dallas and blogs at the Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style. “I feel like those clothes are almost for the woman that just wants to put on something and not think about what they’re wearing. They look like fat-girl clothes. I want to bring out the body rather than hide the body.”

My question: why is the New York Times writing about blogs like they’re new? And plus-sized women the same way? The story screams of a decade-old trend, and thankfully we have the “The Times is ON IT” Twitter account to let them know.


  • Wes Mantooth

    I’m getting the feeling that this “Bradford Pearson” is actually Poochie D and he rocks the telly. Half Joe Camel, a third Fonzarelli?