Pete Delkus Did Not Win the Lottery

A social FrontBurnervian points us to a little joke that WFAA meteorologist Pete Delkus made yesterday on his Facebook page. He wrote:

Yes. The rumors are true. I’m leaving WFAA. Tonight at 10pm will be my last newscast and it will be a sight to see. Colleen Coyle has been appointed the new Chief Meteorologist effective tomorrow. I’m winning the lottery tonight and I’m not working anymore!!!

Look at the comments he got. Seems quite a few people didn’t get the joke. Shelly Slater played up the joke in the 6 o’clock newscast. After airing a story about the Powerball Lottery, she said, “Pete Delkus did call in tonight. He’s chillin’ at home. He says he’s not ever coming back. He says he plans on winning tonight, so Colleen’s going to be our new chief.” Pay attention, people. When someone says he’s going to win the lottery, even if that someone is a weatherman, he’s kidding.


  • Tennboy1974

    I saw this as well and the ignorant masses never cease to amaze me. I think the internet has done nothing but heighten my awareness to the number of them out there in the world. One word…”IDIOTS!”