Pegasus Story Claims Closed Deep Ellum Club Is Responsible For Neighborhood’s Jazz Revival

 Venues like Tuckers’ Blues and The Free Man Cajun Cafe and Lounge have created a dynamic jazz scene in the neighborhood to re-create the jazz culture from the early 1900s.

In this Pegasus News story – pulled from SMU’s Daily Campus newspaper – the author contends that jazz is returning to Deep Ellum, through the aforementioned two clubs. Other quibbles aside – all of the “jazz” musicians at the beginning of the piece are actually blues musicians; I don’t think Ray Garland is a real person, so she probably means Red Garland, or smushed together the album name of the Garland/Ray Bryant collaboration – the inclusion of Tuckers Blues is curious, since it closed in September.

And here’s where the muddied Pegasus News/ Dallas Morning News situation comes in. The DMN wrote in September that the club was closing; shouldn’t its properties know that, too?



  • Chris

    Just because the venue is now closed doesn’t mean it didn’t help create the jazz scene in the area.

  • John Myers

    Well, The Free Man has Jazz 7 nights a week and twice on Sunday, so they got that part right.