North Dallas Woman Claims Walmart Toilet Water ‘Burned Her Bottom’

This is the actual photo Fox4 used for its report. Not sure if it’s THE toilet, but it certainly is A toilet.

A North Dallas woman is claiming that the water from a Walmart toilet scalded her while she sat on a Walmart toilet. Sat on a Walmart toilet. Again, this whole situation seems like it could’ve been avoided by not sitting on a Walmart toilet.

According to Fox 4:

…she bought a thermometer from the store and went back to the bathroom stall to check the temperature of the toilet water. 

She told police the thermometer read 109 degrees.   Burns said she did notify the manager before making the police report.  She was not seriously hurt.

Quick timeline:

– woman sits on toilet, does something that forces water to splash upon her bottom
– woman leaps off toilet, runs to thermometer department
– woman returns to bathroom
– woman sticks hand back in the toilet that bit her
– woman determines that the water was 109 degrees, a temperature at which most would consider their coffee luke-warm
– woman files police report

What a great country.


  • Critic

    She better hope the only thing she gets from the Wal Mart toilet is a hot ass
    Maybe her attorney can settle for a month of toilet paper

  • Raya-Gabrielle Ramsey

    Wait. Whose name is Burns?

    • BradfordPearson

      I can’t believe I breezed over that part. Foolish.

  • mynameisbill

    It sometimes burns at Walmart, but the everyday low prices seem to alleviate any pains.

  • ernest t bass

    Photo by Jeanne Prejean?

  • TLS

    I think some warm water in that area would feel quite lovely.

  • Kk.

    Where’d the supposed too warm water come from? Did the person immediately before her have a really high fever and not flush?