• jesteban78

    I had a migraine once that looked exactly like that.

  • Mark

    What the hell is that supposed to prove?

    Driving southbound on the tollway, somewhere around Lovers the roadway lines up perfectly with the Infomart and stays that way for a couple of miles. A couple of days ago around 4 PM, the glare from the Infomart’s roof was so intense (this north of Mockingbird, at least two miles away) that I almost had to pull over to let my eyes recover.

    That doesn’t make the Infomart’s glass any more of an inherent hazard than Museum Tower or any of a hundred other buildings in town.

    Be less frivolous with your arguments, Tim, and people might take you more seriously.

    • BradfordPearson

      I think the point is that our current planning models should be held to a higher standard than a shiny Infomart that blinds drivers.

    • Tim Rogers

      Mark, do you work for the pension fund? I didn’t make an argument.

  • Mark

    I have absolutely no dog in this fight and IMHO both sides are being more than a little douchey.

    Tim, don’t be disingenuous.

    Mr. Pearson, we’ve been building big, shiny buildings that blind drivers in Dallas for at least 40 years. The fight over Museum Tower isn’t about it being just one more big, shiny building.

  • Jonboy

    Tim, you made an implied argument by posting the picture in the first place.

    You don’t like the glare — we get it — but now it’s just getting whiny.

  • Albert Finney

    Visible from the ISS.

  • Brett Moore

    Yes. Stupid douchey non-profit art museums.

    The point is that Museum Tower didn’t have to be this reflective.

  • Daniel

    Shorter Mark: My dad built big, shiny buildings that blinded drivers in Dallas, and my dad’s dad built big, shiny buildings that blinded drivers in Dallas, and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna build big, shiny buildings that blind drivers in Dallas. So quit being a douche.