Mark Cuban Dogs Facebook in Favor of … MySpace?

Interesting story about why Mark Cuban is fed up with Facebook. He’s pushing his companies away from that platform and to other social media such as Twitter, Tumblr, and, yes, perhaps MySpace. Here’s his problem with Facebook:

“Facebook has never allowed 100% reach. I think the disconnect is that not everyone realized that they didnt allow 100% reach. I bet if you asked anyone who has subscribers if their posts reached 100% of their subscribers, they would say yes unless they have seen the dollar box for promoted posts show up.”

“I think the same applies to brands as well. Remember most brands don’t have social media departments. They rely on common sense. If someone likes your brand, it seems like common sense to me that you can expect your posts to reach 100% of those that like your brand. Doesn’t it to you?”


  • mynameisbill

    See, I would have figured that the Cube’s and the Zuckman would have been bros, but it looks as if that’s not the case. Oh well. Has the Cubester ever thought about using ‘Craigslist’ to move his merchandise? With those new Mav Dancers uniforms, he could sell them with your own personal dwarf hooker like hotcakes! I’m just saying, i’d seriously think about being a customer….that’s all.

  • TuggerTails

    Hmmm, when I first saw this, I thought Cuban was favoring dogs on Facebook. Anyway, he’s correct, Facebook is only reaching 10% of my fans. However, it’s been a great platform to start my branding process and I’m over 6000 fans in less than 4 months and my viral YouTube video has almost 2 million hits. Why doesn’t FB just add an option for brands and companies to pay an annual fee to reach 100% of it’s Likes/Fans?

  • SouthBayShark

    Seems like Mark Cuban is only happy when he or his companies are charging fees and making the money; not when he is forced to pay for advertising himself. Stop whining you billionaire baby and don’t believe for a minute that myspace will work.