Leading Off (11/26/12)

Dallas Trucker Released After Seven Months in Mexican Jail: A simple wrong turn turned truck driver Jabin Bogan’s life on its head. While hauling ammunition meant for a Phoenix gun shop, he mistakenly crossed into Mexico, where he was arrested and thrown in jail for arms struggling. After seven months, Bogan was released this past weekend.

Did Officer Use Excessive Force While Arresting 17-year-old? You can decide for yourself by watching this raw footage that shows a Hurst police officer kneeing the suspect in the head and then repeatedly threatening him (warning: strong language). The suspect’s mother wants the officer involved suspended, and the department says it is investigating the incident.

R.I.P. Larry Hagman: As you likely heard, Larry Hagman, aka J.R. Ewing, died Friday. Here’s the New York Times obituary, and here’s a piece in the Dallas Morning News which asks the inevitable question, can the new Dallas series survive without its best character? And from our cover story on Hagman from June 2012, which is worth revisiting: “J.R. will always be with us.”


  • Daniel

    Presumably Bogan’s arms were struggling to turn his beastly rig back northward. Or maybe he was resisting being cuffed. It remains unclear.