Leading Off 11/20/12

Museum Tower and Nasher Make WSJ. Sometime D Magazine contributor Willard Spiegelman has a piece in the Wall Street Journal today about the reflected heat and light off Museum Tower, onto the Nasher Sculpture Center. Willard’s, for the most part, is a balanced, down-the-middle, he-said-she-said story. He will forgive me for saying that I’m certain if you caught him at a cocktail party, he’d use different words to describe the situation than he did today in the Wall Street Journal. Here is Brett Shipp’s report on the kerfuffle, which says that the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, owners of Museum Tower, will make a proposal today for their own fix issue their own report on the Nasher’s suggested fix of the problem.

DeSoto Girl Wins Rhodes Scholarship. Only 32 people from the United States are as awesome as Nina Yancy. Here’s a great picture of her in the Boston Globe. Think your kid has what it takes (paywall) to win the goods? Yancy, according to the DMN, “has interned at the British House of Commons and at CNN and has worked with developmentally challenged children in Peru. A ballet dancer, she has also taught at CityStep, a Cambridge, Mass., program that provides dance instruction to low-income young people.” Also, I hear she has reached the “Surf and Turf” level of Angry Birds.

Food Truck Panic! Channel 8’s David Schechter has a hard name to spell — AND he has found that Fort Worth food trucks aren’t following the same safety standards that Dallas food truck follow. Before you put another morsel in your face hole, learn how to spell “Schechter.”