• NancyKeene

    Love this story. My husband and I just returned from London, where news of Hagman’s death dominated the national conversation for days. Massive media coverage — print, broadcast and on-line. He was a beloved and larger-than-life ambassador, representing our city with confidence, bravado and pure charm. Interestingly, it wasn’t just the baby-boomer viewers of the original series but also the younger generation hotel, restaurant and retail staffers who initiated discussion of what was obviously a major world event in the U.K. Amazing to witness firsthand, the outpouring of affection and recognition. What a tribute to Larry Hagman and his iconic character, J.R. Ewing!

  • Nick

    For dreamy tripping back to 1981 for some melodic Hagman, check this out:!///
    …”Marvin Gaye, eat your heart out”!

  • Nick

    Sorry, bad link on previous comment. Here’s Larry with Diana Ross:!

  • Nick Johnston

    I’m so sad about this. I think I’ll go to Station 4 with Jay Gruell and just sit in the Rose Room. That’s my favorite place. I wanted to be a celebrity and get on the tv show, but now I may not have the chance. Of course I have no hair anymore, but still. I was hoping.

  • Dan Koller

    I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time I read this, but I laughed out loud when I got to “They send a nice man around every night to go through my garbage.” Thanks.