KXT Turns Three

Source: KXT

When I first moved to Dallas two years ago, people talked about KXT like it was some sort of petulant child. Most of the time, it was fine, even entertaining, then it would turn on a dime and play a power-block of Shawn Colvin and Train.

Like every petulant child.

KXTFail popped up to try and publicly shame the fledgling station, probably doing more harm than good. Then something strange happened: the station started consistently playing better music.

In the past hour, it has played…. ahhhhJesusmyargument’sruinedtheyliterallyjustplayedShawnColvin. I really didn’t mean this to happen. I really meant this to be a congratulatory post.

Anyway, happy birthday KXT. You still make some decent mistakes (see previous paragraph) but at least you’re trying.


  • Jason Heiser

    A siimple fix for KXT – model yourself after other successful independent stations (e.g KEXP Seattle)

  • Cherry Blossom Clinic

    I agree with Jason Heiser. KXT is not the independent station I wanted or expected, but it’s probably the station Dallas deserves. Fine, play Led Zeppelin, but play a b-side, not what Lone Star 92.X is playing.

    I want to be challenged or at least pleasantly surprised. That’s what happens when I listen to KEXP (Seattle), KCMP (Minneapolis), WXPN (Philly) or any number of great college stations.

    Of course, all of the stations benefit from having a music loving city, a powerhouse public broadcasting owner or college endowment money. KXT has none of those things.

  • Ex-Record Spinner

    What isn’t stated here is that KXT has now surpassed all the stations you mentioned as the most-listened-to public music station of its kind in the country (according to the radio trade papers, anyway) – so maybe whatever it is that they’re doing is the best fit for the market. Dallas ain’t Seattle or even Philly in terms of an “indie” audience.

  • Cherry Blossom Clinic

    Those stats are inside baseball, Ex-Record Spinner. Your station may have the most listeners, but you are also in the fourth biggest market and you have no competitors unlike the aforementioned stations.

    Interestingly, KXT skews to a much older audience than the other cities, which is interesting given that DFW’s demographic is younger. Enough with Lone Star’s playlist. Challenge us. Surprise us.

    • Ex-Record Spinner

      CBC, I used to do commercial radio, and I hate what it has become. At this point, as a fan, I want to see KXT do well – and as a noncomm if that means skewing older to help build a donor base, so be it. It is still better than other options at this point.

  • Jimmy

    I swear they play the B52’s “Love Shack” about 3-4 times a day just to piss us off. You think Shawn Colvin is bad?

  • gimmethewooby

    KXT is the station we want it to be on the weekends. It’s during rush hour they tend to dip into the Lone Star side of things. But that’s also what helps keep it on the air.

  • Cherry Blossom Clinic

    Skewing older is robbing Peter to pay Paul, especially with Dallas’ young demographic and disposable income. They need to look to building their 30-40 yr old donor base, and you don’t do that by playing “Roundabout” by Yes.

  • radiogod

    Yeah … KXT is trying… but ya know, KNON has been playing what the people want for over 30 years….. send some of that big $$ their way. They could use it.