Investors Buy Massive Chunk of Henderson Avenue

Two investors have purchased 28 buildings along Henderson Avenue, the Morning News just reported. The exact buildings weren’t announced, but the total sale price could top $50 million. The properties all sit between Central Expressway and Ross Avenue, and the new owners say they plan to continue to expand and improve the lots.

Let’s try to figure out what Henderson could use, shall we?

1. Deli– This is indicative of the city in whole, but especially Henderson.

2. Pho– Maybe this is just because I’m tired of driving all the way to Garland to get reasonable pho. And YES, I’ve been to Mai’s; meh.

3. Live music venue– This is tricky in East Dallas due to noise regulations, but I imagine a smallish venue (a la the departed La Grange) would do well here.


  • Steve Lindley

    Three Phos’ in Garland that google can find… what one do u like best?

  • BradfordPearson

    I’m a Pho Bang fan. The banh mi at Ba Le across the street are dynamite, too.

  • JD Yates

    Deli – P.D. Johnson’s, West Village
    Pho – Vietnam, Bryan St.

  • Daniel

    P.D. Johnson’s? Really, JD? Really? Deli News and Gio’s are the only two that come close, that I know of. Neither is consistent. I’m told that neither has proper matzo ball soup (but I reckon I ain’t never had no real matzo ball soup). Both are way up north.

    Pho Bang is indeed good stuff, althoough Hu Tieu My Tho (sp?) ain’t no slouch in the Pho Dept..

  • monstruss

    you know, Dalat is just on Fitzhugh, and they have GREAT pho.

  • kat

    Henderson could use a parking garage.

  • Kk.

    This makes me nervous, I keep imagining them razing all the funky buildings and doing a giant boring West Village-esque monstrosity… I doubt they spent $50 mil to bring us great pho?

  • Gruber

    Shouldn’t this be posted in Real Points instead?

  • AmyS

    This has to be one of two things. Either the investors bought the half of Henderson that the Andres brothers didn’t own, or the Andres brothers just cashed out.

  • BradfordPearson

    Option #2.

  • dallasboiler

    In addition to a parking garage, what Henderson really needs is a paving job. The street conditions are a disgrace. I’m almost embarrassed to take visitors down to that area given the deplorable street conditions. I could understand waiting to pave it due to the construction that was going on a few years ago, but at seems like we’re now at a point where it should be improved.