If You’re Driving Northbound on I35, Near Waco, Get Off and Relax For Six Hours


  • Kk.

    We got word of a wreck like this one time heading home from Austin, we took an alternate route East….can’t remember the # of the lil highway but it takes you thru Mexia. We beat all the other parents getting back to Dallas by several hours doing this.

    • BradfordPearson

      Looks like you might have headed east on 84, then north on 14 until you hit 45?

  • Kk.

    Depends on how far south 35 is FUBAR, you can bail all the way down in Roundrock on 79 to Hearne, then N on 14. Or north if Temple on 77. Very scenic, but if 35 not moving it’ll be faster.