Hurst Cops Arrest 17-Year-Old, Understatement, Understatement, etc.

Peter mentioned this in Leading Off, but then you’d have to click through, watch it on YouTube, keep another browser window open. It gets tiring.

Warning: strong language, from cops and teenagers.

UPDATE: From the Hurst Police Department Facebook page:

UPDATE REGARDING THE VIDEO OF OFFICER DISRAELI ARNOLD — As we stated previously, this is not behavior that the City of Hurst and the Hurst Police Department promotes or condones. Officer Arnold has been placed on administrative leave pending an ongoing internal affairs investigation.

At this point we cannot comment on the status of the investigation from either a civil or criminal standpoint due to legal, civil service, and internal procedural regulations. We are cooperating with the media within the scope of those regulations and any information we can release will be made public through those outlets. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and continued civil discourse as the investigation is conducted.


  • Everlasting Phelps

    Not anymore. The appeals court overturned Massachusetts’ application of wiretapping laws to recording the police, and then went the extra mile to say that the right to record police is “well established,” meaning that if cops arrest you for it anyways, they lose their qualified immunity and can be individually liable. The precedent is set, and any law prohibiting you from filming police carrying out their duties is unconstitutional.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    And, of course, the police arrested the kid recording this one. Arnold better be independently wealthy, because he might be cutting a check out of his own account pretty soon.

  • Dubious Brother

    What was the teenager being arrested for and why was he on the ground already when the video starts?

  • Dwaynr Taylor

    Put 654 on the ground in cuffs and lets all jump on his neck lol

  • Dwaynr Taylor

    Let,s put 654 on the ground in cuff,s and let,s all of us jump on his neck. How does it feel . Yea ur a joke now I see a 200.00 dollar foodstamp card comeing ur way have fun with that let me know how that works out. Your not so bad now are ya

  • Dwaynr Taylor

    If that was 654 son in hand cuff,s on the ground and saw a cop jump on his neck ? What do you think 654 would say about that , Yea he would be in the phonebook calling every attorney he could find lol As any one can tell we dam sure dont need cop,s like him not in this life time , how you feel now boo sounds like you messed up ur day,s of thinking ur a bad ass cop , Thank god 4 cell phones and video,s

  • Anonymous

    The lesson here
    always record the cops