Here’s a Video of the Thomas Building Implosion

Though the Morning News wrote extensively about its impending doom, some area residents felt ill-notified about the implosion. Via Reddit:

Got woken up by a loud loud sound and dust and debris everywhere thinking it was an attack or major accident

🙁 If it makes you feel better it seems very very few people remembered it was today, even those who lived nearby. I think I saw one article about it and it didn’t sink in. The lady that worked the front desk of my apartment building (like 2 blocks from the demo site!) had the same thing, read an article, and then didn’t hear about it again. I don’t think there was much effort to notify nearby building because I saw 0 flyers around my building and there is much speculation that the permit and demo was rushed to prevent any possibility of a historical designation from preventing whatever plans were made for the lot.


  • Rocco

    That and the fact that they released a huge toxic stew of a dust cloud over downtown. EPA regulations say that no fugitive particulates can leave the confines of the project site. They should have never even been issued a permit. Look at that picture. Nothing but respirable silica, heavy metals and trace amounts of Asbestos…..

  • Thomas Barnes

    Why didn’t they demolish the piece of architrash next door? Another landmark lost.