Friday Fun: It’s Back

Back when I was still just a glisten in my parents’ overflowing wine glasses, the dearly departed Adam McGill used to host Friday Fun, a weekly distraction for bored workers on Friday afternoons.

Disclaimer: I am terrible at video games. Never had them as a kid, so my growth was stunted, only allowed to flourish for brief spurts at friends’ houses. So there will likely be more trivia and less pew-pew shoot goblins games. Today’s game comes from Sporcle, and it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees quiz. You have 15 minutes to name as many of the Rock and Roll Hall members as you can.

I got 75 out of 186, good enough for the pitiful 58th percentile. The biggest name I missed was Elton John (there’s a freebie for you), but I also remembered the least-popular response. Cold comfort.

And while you’re wracking your brain, listen to the greatest American band not in the Hall (actually, just the greatest American rock band).