“Free Ryan Romo” Page Hits Facebook

You’ll remember Ryan Romo from such hits as this. Now, 90 of his (presumably) fellow students have liked the “Free Ryan Romo” page on Facebook. But really all you have to know about that page, and the intelligence of those “liking” it, can be summed up in this screenshot.

Update: More than 250 folks have now signed on, and the comments are about as hateful as you’d expect. There’s also at least one father of four girls defending Romo. Hope his daughters aren’t on Facebook.


  • AB

    HP Kids, go back to snorting Vyvanse, drinking vodka out of water bottles and getting caught with dope in the parking garage (nice fringe, by the way!). You’re showing your entitled, boorish stupidity.

  • Marnla

    This is embarrassing.

  • towski

    Seriously. When did rape suddenly become something acceptable to defend and debate? WTF is going on?

  • anonymous

    ^seriously. rape is not an acceptable thing but you can’t come in here saying that ryan romo is rapist when you don’t even know the kid. He is one of the nicest boy i’ve met. You can’t judge him on this one mistake he’s made especially when we don’t know the full story. All we know is what happened from the girls point of view who is just as guilty for leading him on all night. Yes they were both drunk so how do you know she wasn’t just scared. Ryan life is now ruined for this on accusation. The age difference is only two years which is common anywhere. If your so much better then highland park people then get out of here and don’t come commenting on something that has nothing to do with you.

  • Christian Dad

    Ryan has not been convicted of anything. There are so many facts that have not come out about this case. Remember, only one side has been reported. God loves him just as much as he loves the girl. I happen to know both the accused and the victim and people are pouring out their support for her. It is not our place to pass judgement. Let the justice system work. If he is found guilty, then he will have to serve his consequence, but I for one am glad that people that were his friends before this tragedy are showing him that they are still there for him.

  • What

    When did the law change to guilty before proven innocent?

  • anon

    Ryan Romo is innocent until proven guilty. Simple as that. It pisses me off that people are getting the wrong idea about this situation. Its sad, actually. Maybe he is guilty, but ya’ll dont know anything. We love you Ryan

  • At the concert

    If everyone could have seen them at the concert together you would understand what happened. They were publicly together and she obviously knew what she was doing and is not an innocent “child” as they might call her.

  • Free Romo

    Nobody, and i mean absolutely nobody has the right to call out Ryan on this especially someone who did not know Romo at all. I have really gotten to know Romo and I know that he would not waste his time on a girl that told him no. Plain and simple. He is one of the coolest guys I have ever gotten the chance to know. The truth will eventually come out. But, until then, not one person who doesn’t know the full story should speak on it.

  • Kk

    I’ve not heard anyone say he’s guilty, they just object to anyone shouting that the young lady is lying just because he’s a good kid, a nice guy, a good baseball player, comes from a nice family – or any other generality about him. Expressing all of those things about him is fine, expected even if that’s your experience with him. Surprise about the current circumstance because of your feelings for him, fine. No one that wasn’t in that car with them should condemn him now any more than they should be condemning her. It’s tragic for everyone, the facts will play out, if there’s evidence enough to sustain charges a jury of his peers will have the final say, as with any man from any neighborhood. Love and support either or both of them if that’s how you feel, but don’t scream about “freeing” him, or disparaging her in the mean time. Every parent with a kid from 12 to 20-something should be discussing this situation with them as a cautionary tale on many levels.
    Does anything good ever come from unsupervised teenagers going to the Palladium?

  • Edward

    It’s clear that the “she was leading him on” justification runs rampant here in HP, although I would guess that it’s fairly common almost everywhere.

    It’s interesting that almost every person supporting Mr. Romo mentions how the girl “isn’t exactly a prude”, “just as guilty for leading him on”, etc.

    It’s amazing how many ways people can come up with to justify rape.

  • anonymous

    Ryan is a wonderful guy. We have only heard the girl’s side of the story and there’s no way of knowing whether or not it’s true. Until we know the truth, there’s no need to treat him like he’s a criminal. Everyone who has ostracized him should be ashamed of themselves. Praying for you, Ryan!

  • Maria

    When did binge drinking, pot smoking, spoiled baseball players become defensible when it comes to rape? Just because she might have been drinking that night, does not excuse his actions. If it is ok that he raped her just because she was drunk, does that mean that anytime that a person is raped and has been drinking, that it is not still considered rape or that it is their fault? Or is it different because the accused is from Highland Park and plays baseball? I know that not all HP residents are the same, but it is so scary when people defend actions like his. I am sure that if he was an African American or Hispanic boy or even caucasian from East Dallas or dare I say it, South Dallas, that he would be presumed guilty from the moment the accusations were brought forth. I am so sick of society protecting people like Romo because he is “too good looking to have to rape someone” or because “he is the nicest guy ever.” Apparently, those of you who are defending this guy are not familiar with the term sociopath, because most sociopaths are the “nicest” people too-from the outside looking in. I don’t see how it is so unbelievable that this guy took advantage of this poor girl. I am sure that most girls don’t tell him no, and if they do, he probably convinces them that “it’s ok” or maybe does what he did to this girl. There is a police report, medical reports, and a phone call that detail what happened. If this boy wasn’t from HP, no one would care about it, but since he is from HP, all of the sudden he must be innocent. TYPICAL…

  • Gridlock

    Right. The girl kissed 21 guys that night. She counted. She’s a whore. Guess what romo friends, that story has been told before and the jury didn’t buy it then and they won’t buy it when your BFF goes before a jury on criminal charges. Watch and learn, children. Oh! And bible beater Christian Dad, we see through people like you. And pray for them. Hypocrite.

  • XT

    Rape kit will answer a lot of questions as to how “nice” he is.

  • Your PR Advisor

    If I were the Romo family, I would fire my legal team for misusing social media as they have on these blog posts, and I would tell his knuckle-dragging friends to also cool it. They are hurting, not helping public opinion. Besides, I like Romo’s Dad’s restaurant chain, and I don’t want start asking if they have a “date rape” special when i visit, which I will if this smear campaign continues.

  • N

    It seems like all of the defense for Romo depends on blaming the girl. All I have to say is this: it doesn’t matter how many guys she has kissed or had sex with, or if she was “leading him on”, or what have you. Rape is still rape, and blaming the victim for it is wrong. Also, just because someone is “nice” or doesn’t seem like they would rape someone doesn’t mean they are not capable of it.

  • D. Shapiro

    According to these comments, Romo seems to be a nice, law abiding kid who drinks alcohol even though he’s under 21 and then drives while intoxicated and likes to have sex with a minors. Maybe it’s forcible. Maybe not. He’s going to graduate from high school at age 19. So, he’s a smart one too.

  • Monica

    Those of us with sound minds, and adult minds to boot, must remember that the kids that are defending this guy are the same kind of kid as he is. They are used to getting bailed out of tough situations and being able to cover up their wrongs. The rape kit showed that there was damage done, and that is going to weigh in court versus a bunch of sorry kids sitting at the stand as “character witnesses.” He may have an expensive legal team, but that is not going to convince a judge in Dallas county that a rapist should be able to go free when the evidence presented to the public already makes a case against him. They will have a hard time convincing a jury of regular Dallas-ites that he is a good guy. All I can say is that I hope he gets what he deserves in a court of law and that the little brats that are defending him learn their own lessons someday. It’s so sad to me that they blame her–I am sure that he has had more conquests than she could ever have imagined, and no one is bringing that up…wouldn’t that make him just as guilty based on the same faulty logic that they are using to place blame on her? Oh, wait I forgot…gender roles congratulate 18 year old boys for acquiring knots on their belt.

  • c

    God will handle it.

  • marisa

    Monica, you are on target. NO is still NO but in HP money talks and HP kids walk.
    Those of you defending him can only hope some day if yu have a daughter she doesn’t know someone like Romo.

  • Ben Marko

    Apparently Romo’s defense team has adopted the Manchurian Candidate defense. “[Ryan Romo] is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

  • M

    In 1998, I was raped at a college party by the biggest-deal football player at my school. I never told anyone because I was certain the whole state would decide he was too cool, popular, and famous to have to force someone to have sex with him. I feared I would be made to look promiscuous or desperate for attention. I knew I would face harassment like I’d never known. I dropped out of college and spent many years depressed. Rape is about control. The pathetic worship of young men who excel at sports often make them feel an obscene amount of power. We should let the court decide Romo’s guilt or innocence. And we should instead debate the gross handling of all kids by a culture that says “sports figures are more special than other people” and “good-looking guys don’t commit crimes” and “women who are sexy deserve to be raped.” I should also mention that I was extremely modest as a young woman. I was very much a tomboy type. The man who raped me seemed almost offended that I was not attracted to him or awestruck by his celebrity. Still so sad.

  • queuno

    You know woll judge him without knowing him or his family? A jury. And I think his supporters should focus on that. Romo is a bad word here, anyway.

  • CraigT

    So now we have all the values of HPHS right out front for the world to see.
    1. If you play sports, and have a famous name you get to do whatever you want to whomever you want
    2. if you are so gauche as to violate rule #1 and tell the famous named jock no then you deserve to get raped
    3. If you tell anyone about the rape you should be slut shamed and probably ought to be raped again until you learn your lesson.

    Notice that none of the cowardly anonymous posters here have anything to say about the medical exam that showed forced penetration. That might damage their little fantasy about how rich white kids don’t commit crimes.

  • up mom

    This FB page needs to be removed like, now. Stunning that his legal team hasn’t done so already; maybe all that money didn’t hire the smartest lawyers in town, after all. The victim blaming that is on the FB page and the various media blogs around town is a disgrace. As the mother of a teenage girl at HPHS, I am appalled that even grownups are chiming in against the victim, as if her collateral damage is far less important than whatever college opportunities he may lose as a result of this terrible incident. Since I wasn’t in the car, I can’t say what happened that night. But based on PHYSICAL evidence from two doctors, it is clear that something bad happened to her. To those classmates and parents who are publicly decrying the victim’s reputation, you really are despicable. Please, let the legal system sort out the truth; then, SHUT THE F**K UP and get on with your lives.

  • Riddle me this

    So, if Mr. Ryan’s daddy and mommy (with their legal team) come to a mutually agreeable resolution (ka-ching) with the victim, did this not happen?

    It will be interesting to see if the county DA is as tough on this kid as he is on Dez Bryant (and his assault of his mother).

  • Steve

    He can be free if a jury acquits him, just like anyone else accused of sexual assault of a child. The end.

  • Park Cities Resident

    I find it interesting that one of the 251 Facebook users who has “liked” the “Free Ryan Romo” page is an employee of HPISD.

  • James Hedder

    Since when did having sex with an underage drunk girl in public become a crime? And if we’re gonna start arresting guys in HP every single time they don’t stop having sex just because the girl changes her mind and starts telling them “No,” well, we’re going to need a bigger jail.

  • Kk

    The employee from HPISD that “liked” that page should be suspended immediately. Off the premises with an escort pronto.

  • Ket

    @ James Hedder: If you train boys to rape girls then, yes, you will need a bigger jail.

  • Park Cities Resident

    @Kk, I agree. Maybe HPISD’s beloved attorney, Bill Banowsky, should contact the employee.

    Oh but wait, then he’d also have to speak with the young Banowsky, class of 2013 HPHS, who has “liked” the page and commented, “All of you adults who are arguing with high schoolers should be embarrassed. Get off of facebook and get a life.”

  • VM

    So… Anonymous has a daughter, knows “Ryan very well and would be very satisfied if she ended up with a guy like him.” In other words you hope that your daughter is having sex in the backseat of a Tahoe this weekend? Puzzling.

  • dallasboiler

    Should any of this be in the public domain right now? Nobody knows what happened between these two individuals right now except for the two of them, and the rest of us won’t until it plays out through the legal system. While everybody seems to be focused on the alleged entitlement of an HP athlete from a family with money, none of that changes the fact that – under the law – he is innocent until proven guilty. There’s a lot of pre-judging going on here on both sides but very few facts are known (and the facts that are known, at this point, aren’t enough to find in favor one way vs. the other).

  • towski

    ” All we know is what happened from the girls point of view who is just as guilty for leading him on all night.”

    This. This is what’s wrong with this situation right here. She can “lead him on” all night – if she says she doesn’t want to have sex, and he forces her to, then it’s rape, you ignorant cretin.

  • highland park school body

    @park cities resident, it seems that the child you mentioned has not liked the page, but has only tried to suppress the immaturity of the adults commenting on the page.

  • abc123

    @park cities resident, it seems that the child you have mentioned has not liked that page, but has only tried to suppress the immaturity of the adults commenting. there is nothing wrong with that

  • Stop

    Everyone needs to stop being involved and let it play out how it should. No one knows any facts, so stop acting like you do. No one was in Ryan’s car other than him and the girl. The best thing to do is not get involved. I’m not supporting one side or the other, but even if Ryan was a nice guy that doesn’t mean he Is not guilty. Let the system play out how it should, and stop acting like you all know everything there is to know about this case.

  • Seriously Y’All

    First Sandusky & Paterno, OJ Simpson and Mike Vick, and now this!
    All these guys “taken advantage” of by the same lying “victims.” It’s like a trend or something.

    Why can’t people just keep their mouths shut when they get raped? This kind of behavior is ruining America’s athletic programs! 🙁

  • Rape is Rape

    Even if she did consent, it’s still rape. Statutory rape.

  • I Am Anonymous

    It’s funny how the “defenders” of Romo post anonymously. If you support him, why hide? Maybe you have doubts that you aren’t willing to face. I don’t know the facts of the case so I withhold my opinion. Did she have sex and then regret it because she would much rather face a jury than her parents? Did he think when she said ‘No’ she really meant ‘Yes’? I don’t know. I do know that people are capable of ANYTHING (good and bad) so I don’t doubt that either one of them could be lying. Hopefully, evidence will prove the innocent and/or the guilty. But for people to blindly support one and demean the other is what’s wrong with society!

    The FB page doesn’t need to come down. It’s tasteless (in most ppl’s opinions) but it’s freedom of speech! However, the HPISD employee that liked the page should definitely be reprimanded. The school and district are NOT supposed to take sides and an employee of either represents the school/district ALL the time no matter what they are doing. Even after proven innocence or guilt, they should not comment.

  • Kk

    Would HPISDs attorney also being an HPISD parent be a conflict of interest? They couldnt find a lawyer that’s a Jesuit parent?

  • HP Kid

    If your saying why would we be supporting someone who raped a 15 year old? You clearly have no knowlege of whats actually going on. Ryan is not a rapist, nor did the girl get raped. How I see it was they had been hooking up all night and he started to take off her clothes and have sex with him. She probably did say no a couple of times but she still did it. I know for a fact romo would not hold her down against her will and rape her. It was mutual in the end and she blew this whole thing up. Someone needs to take this page down because all its doing is allowing people to bad-mouth romo and hp and they have no reason to do so.

  • Jacqueline

    what happened to the idea that this kid simply did something wrong while drunk, hurt and evidently raped this girl, and now will be held responsible? seems simple to me. it matters not who his parents are, who his friends are, none of it matters. apparently, he was not taught manners by his family, and has since decided he can do whatever he wants drunk or sober. really, it’s nice to see that he has supporters, even criminals need support. but seriously, he will receive the punishment for what he did, whether any of these people like it or not. justice will prevail, as it always does in one way or another.

  • hey kk

    get a life

  • dear kk

    the hpisd lawyer is for the district, not the individuals themselves. when something like this happens, the district is required to look into it.

  • parents

    parents, why are yall concerning yalls selfs with this issue? also, @kk and @park cities resident, stop being gossip queens and talk about something that actually concerns yourselves. @pak cities resident, why did you delete your profile picture? were you embarrassed to show your face after making several ignorant comments? well too bad i saw the picture when it was up, i know who you are, and you should be ashamed.

  • mynameisbill

    This seems like some Illuminati shite going down. First, the SMU sexual misconducting going on and now this HP student. Oh shoot! A white van just passed by my place. Sure it said carpet cleaning on the side of it, but right when I started writing “Illuminati” it passed. Coincidence or not? Stuff just got real folks.

  • AB

    Guys like Ryan Romo and his stupid friends (that includes you, “parents,”) need to grow up and get smart real quick or they are destined to end up like George Huguely. http://abcnews.go.com/US/uva-lacrosse-killer-george-huguely-sentenced-23-years/story?id=17107533e

  • Hp

    Since when did hooking up with someone mean you want to have sex with them? Even if she was all over him at the concert, that doesn’t mean she wanted to have sex with him. How is it right to assume she consented to sex just because she kissed him? You cannot make a direct relationship between the two things.

  • Avid Reader

    Let the investigation run it’s course.

    The comments from HP kids have left me speechless. Literally no concept of right/wrong or even the intelligence to make coherent comments.

  • AM

    You all need to get a life. Ryan is so sweet and respectful. He is a great guy and you all need to stop badmouthing him. If you dont know him dont judge him. Thanks.

  • Daniel

    We saw this same thing play out (albeit with a very different back story) with the ESD sex scandal. The slut shaming. The implication that the matter is, or rightfully should be, an internal matter. (This is OUR house!) Apparently, wealthy people will rally around a powerful and/or popular man no matter what, provided he’s one of their own; apparently, they’re the very last segment of Western Civilization to get the memo that women have sexual agency.

    For the record, when this story first broke on Unfair Park, I was one of the very first to say, let’s withhold judgment, innocent until proven guilty, etc., and I still believe it.

    But I’ll tell you this with 100 percent assurance: If “Ryan Romo” were the 18-year-old son of Mexican immigrants, soon to graduate from Samuell High School, you’d hear a very, very different tune out of these people.

  • park cities resident you are dumb

    @park cities resident…
    Why would the HPISD Attorney need to talk to the child that might not even be related to him? The boy can comment on anything he wants, and what he said was nothing bad at all, if anything it was good, and something you should listen to. You’re just an ignorant Park Cities mom that has nothing better to do but troll facebook and news websites like this leaving unintelligent comments that are full of gossip and stupidity. Please be more mature next time you decide to make a comment and don’t get into other’s business that has nothing to do with you.

  • to park cities resident

    what exactly were you trying to get across with your ignorant comment?

  • Ca

    I’ll bet he’ll never do that again! Boys are dumb and mature at a much slower rate.

  • Kk

    Wow, the mentioning of Mr. Banofsky – who I’ve never heard of before- and simply asking the question could it be a conflict of interest, stirred up quite the hornets nest of defense laden with personal attacks. I was lucky enough to get my kids through school without needing to deal with the districts attorney. It just struck me as odd to hear the schools attorney is a parent. I assume that if I’m a parent that finds myself dealing with the schools attorney, something serious is going on with my kid. Do I want to be dealing with sensitive, confidential things about my child with a parent that I perhaps find myself working the lunch line with? Or that my kid and his friends have sleepovers at their house? Dunno, it’s just seems like questions like that could come up. If he has a hard and fast line of not ever discussing district business to his family or local friends, keeps all paperwork and materials related to school business away from his home where his kids and other kids, nosy neighbors or friends might see it, then maybe it’s a non issue. But I would think there would be parents that question it, so I’m surprised the mere mention of a conflict makes people come unhinged.
    If there is a restraining order I would think the school and the schools attorney would have to deal with it. That’s an example of how it could be more difficult for an attorney if his kid was friends with either kid in this situation. Maybe not, again it’s just a question and I don’t I understand why it’s a question that pisses people off.

  • up mom

    @ Avid Reader, you hit the nail on the head…no concept of right or wrong, indeed.

  • Edward

    @ up mom – I agree completely. Without even discussing this particular case, what we’ve learned is that for many HPISD students, a girl is 100% fair game for anything if she kisses someone, has ever had sex before, is inebriated, etc.

    On one hand, I would like to say that I’m surprised at the comments — that people think if a girl smiles at a guy then she’s open to anything for the rest of the night.

    On the other hand, I’m not surprised. Students are probably riding in the car with their parents while they listen to Rush Limbaugh call girls sluts and whores. They are sitting with their parents while they watch Republican Senate candidates explain away rape with statements that “some girls just rape easy” and “good girls” can’t get raped, or they asked for it.

    And these are the future leaders of our community. They are going to go away to UT or SMU and live exactly the same way, with their skewed First Baptist Church of XXXXX values reinforced, that good looking guys can’t be rapists because they wouldn’t HAVE to rape to get sex, and that it’s only “those kinds of girls” that get raped.

    It’s really depressing.

  • Seriously Y’All

    That Free Ryan Romo Facebook page is called doing the DA’s job for them.

    You idiots saying horrible things about this alleged victim are very efficiently building “a culture of rape and slut shaming in Highland Park” prosecution case.

    Uh, hello, you stupid, Parkies. The Free Ryan Facebook Page is currently being screen captured by the DA’s office and some of Ryan’s “friend’s” nastiest comments about the alleged victim are going to read at Ryan’s trial. You can bet on it. Way to do the DA’s job for them. Way to smash Ryan’s defense. Way to exercise your free speech you morons.

    What is Slut Shaming? Here’s a ticket to the clue train, Parkies. All aboard!

  • I’m assuming that the bulk of these “he’s such a nice guy, I was there that night” comments are from Ryan Romo’s friends. So let me explain something your parents may never tell you, and your teachers are legally banned from telling you: Even nice guys make mistakes – horrible ones – and if at any time your sexual partner says no, and you continue, you have committed rape.

    And for those who have commented that they were there that night at the concert, and saw her, and there is just no way she wasn’t 100 percent in to having sex with Ryan Romo, let me say this: Even if she told everyone at the club that night that she had every intention of boning him, even if she got up at the microphone during the band’s set and proclaimed far and wide that she was ready for Ryan Romo to take her flower and you heard it, somewhere between that time and the time he allegedly divested himself of his britches in his Tahoe she could have changed her mind. And it is allowed. She says she said no. He allegedly agreed later that she did indeed say no, and that she did indeed say she didn’t want to have sex.

    So, even if “Maybe, I want to, Let’s do it, do you have a condom, or let’s take my panties off,” is uttered, anyone can say, “stop, I don’t want this,” at any point. And that’s what she said she did. And that’s what he said she did, on a tape that is sitting among the rest of the evidence the police have on the case.

    I do agree that the capriciousness of youth can lead to poor decisions. But I also know that youth does not absolve a person from consequences. It is a damned shame, I think, that people are not using this as a teaching tool with their own children – a jumping off point for a real conversation about sex, and how safe sex doesn’t just involve a condom – it involves being a considerate partner in every way, even when your intended partner changes his or her mind.

  • Avid Reader

    It’s really depressing when someone tries to shoehorn in their phony political outrage into an actual tragic situation.

    I will lose the rest of what little faith I have in our children if (when?) I see one more comment about how this guy is “such a good kid”/”the coolest”/”nice”. No concept of reality or that simple little phrase; actions speak louder than words.

  • Bill Johnson

    The Facebook page is gone, huh? Wow.

  • Eric Celeste

    Bethany for the win.

  • Seriously Y’All

    Facebook pages are never gone. Those rape-culture “she had it coming” comments have sunk that kid.

  • @EC- Agreed. It’s a shame someone replaced her on Friday mornings.

  • Steve Falking

    Far be it from me to try to diminish Bethany’s win, but if what we hear is true, that Romo was 19 and she was 15, then all of this talk about no meaning no is really moot in this particular case. She could have been screaming yes, yes, yes in full 15-year-old rapture and Romo would still have raped her, just by having sex with her at all, period.

    Here’s what a quick and dirty search turned up for Texas law on this:


    But just for the sake of our teaching moment let’s assume that they both were of whatever age would be necessary for statutory rape not to apply. If she says yes, then there is at least no statutory rape. But if she says no, no still means no. She could agree to have sex with him, take him into her arms, encourage him to penetrate her, find him to her horror and rage to be a crude, rough, ignorant and savage pig of a boy 80 seconds into the miserable act, scream no!, stop!, and then…what? It would still be rape. No means no, but more importantly, no means no retroactively to the beginning of the encounter, no matter when it’s uttered, during the encounter or after. Period.

    Jim Schutze of all people makes a great case highlighting this at several points on the post on this issue running on the DO, that this is the real lesson parents of males need to hammer home into their sons as if their lives depended on it, because they do: that every act of intercourse between a male and a female, each and every one, carries the liability of being an occasion of potential not-yet-reported rape, and each of those occasions has a potentially fairly long effective statute of limitations.

    No means no, and no negates any other yes that might have been uttered, tacitly or enthusiastically, at any time, absolutely, and without any real objective defense. Period.

  • Anonymous

    This is intended for both sides. Whether you are defending the girl or Ryan Romo this accounts for everyone. I think we all need to take a step back and look at what we are doing right now. It’s obvious that this is all so messed up and everyone’s opinions are making it worse, but how do you think this is affecting them right now while they just sit and read these comments that make both of them sound like they’re to blame and should be punished and what not. Why do we believe we are so morally sufficient to judge others on this very very scary and emotional and traumatic time in their lives instead of just letting it be their business? Now I realize I sound like a hypocrite but for the most part, yall are acting just as immature and ignorant as the kids who made the facebook page. Please allow some relief for these families and these individuals— our opinions arent going to shape the outcome so lets give them some piece of mind instead of them constantly checking these sites to see who is bashing on their child or community.

    And another thing, please stop using the HP stereotypes of the “rich little white boy” and “rich spoiled brats” that let their parents do anything and can get out of everything with “money” shit stop….Do you really think money is gonna help them forget this? Do you think that the past week of absolute torture and hell is going to go away by paying a bond? If he is guilty he will serve his time and if not he will still spend the rest of his life paying for the accusation. And even on her case- you really think that publicizing about this girls most terrifying life moment wont be remembered and stick with her reputation forever? We all need to remember that we all have portions of our lives that we constantly come into our memory and haunt us and having a whole state talk trash about it really will never fix it especially when they dont know you. It breaks my heart to see people talk about HP like they actually know what it is like living there. Yall act like because this happened here and because he posted bail that he is off the hook and that no one believes he is guilty because hes a “rich white boy that plays sports”…. Every high school deals with rape, every highschool deals with teen pregnancies, bullying, underage drinking, drugs, etc. but because it is Highland Park and yall socially stereotype every single person there..well that just might be worse. Maybe you base it off of one bad person you’ve met or even a group, but really? there has been incidents just like this all over Texas including the notorious “fab five” from McKinney North and so many more. So unless you went to the perfect highschool where nothing ever happened (which is no one) please stop blaming this on the community. Unless you are the individuals who were unfortunately mixed into this situation please just trust the justice system.

  • Steve,
    I wholeheartedly agree with you – and have brought this up elsewhere. If your partner is younger than 17, and the gap between you greater than 36 months, you can be charged with sexual assault of a minor or indecency with a child.

    That fact, along with the sundry others we mentioned, are exactly why parents need to be proactive and less shy about discussing these things with their children. Which conversation is less awkward – the one where you explain the realities of embarking on a sex life (including the possible legal ramifications), or the one that occurs during the ride home from bailing your kid out of jail for rape?

  • Sick of This

    Yes this is messed up, this is about an 18 yr old senior boy and a 16 yr old sophomore girl. Because of the ACCUSATION, he is prohibited from being around minors…as in no school, no contact with friends under 18, no senior graduation events, sports, etc. Does that sound innocent until proven guilty? The whole thing is sickening and I don’t think it’s right either! They both made bad choices that night.

  • Steve


    It’s not just limited to young people and statutory rape. Whatever your age, unless you have an incontrovertible history of being consistently happily married or partnered over a fairly long period of time, any given act of sex these days has, under the right circumstances, the potential to be complained and charged as rape and then widely discussed, regardless of the ultimate legal outcome. As I mentioned, no means no regardless of when it’s uttered, and whenever it is uttered whoever the recipient might be immediately becomes a potential rape defendant.

  • CraigT

    @ Anonymous

    The fact that crime happens everywhere is not the point. The point is that time and time again we see that 2 classes of people commit crimes and then walk away.
    The wealthy and the celebrity.
    In TX high schools there is no greater celebrity than the jock.
    The post of theis jocks friends, and their parents just prove it. Not one single expression of sympathy or remorse for a young rape victim (and the medical reports show rape) just a circling of the wagons and a liberal helping of slut shaming the teenager.

  • marisa

    Public opinion does NOT matter. People are venting. IT IS THE LAW that matters and the Grand Jury.

  • WhatChuTalkinBoutWillis

    How would comments on here and Facebook be used against him at his trial? That is ridiculous. Unless he wrote the comments they would be 100% inadmissible, and why the hell would the DA’s office care about what is on Facebook anyway? The 1st Amendment gives us the right to speak out minds – thank God this is the USA and not Iran. It’s good that people are talking about this, it will raise awareness.

  • Seriously Y’All


    From the language expressed on The Free Ryan Romo Facebook Page it was started in agency of Ryan Romo–to help get his side of the story out and to set him free. If his page starts to defame, slander or threaten the alleged victim I could be admissible, especially when some of the members of Free Ryan Romo have posted the alleged victim’s name and age.

    Here are two more tickets to the clue train, jump on board!



  • Edward

    Does the HPISD have any kind of rape/sexual harassment education or programs? It seems clear that something is needed, to education the young folks in what the rules are in the real world, as opposed to in their imaginary world.

  • Steven Parks

    Okay, so the girl is a minor. Where were the parents? I’m sure they didn’t tell her to leave alone with a guy and get in the back seat of an SUV alone with him. (Or maybe they did, who knows?) If they think they’re going to get justice for their darling little daughter, she hasn’t SEEN the trauma that girl is going to suffer at the hands of an aggressive defense attorney. And you can bet that attorney will be all over the girl, her parents, and everyone else involved (including any other boys she may have “made out” with). What did this girl THINK was going to happen when she got in the back seat, alone, with another teenager of the opposite sex? Popcorn and a movie? He shouldn’t have to pay the price for HER bad decisions. I’m not saying he’s innocent (or guilty), but it takes two.

  • Angel Moroni

    @Steven Parks
    Remember Blaming the alleged victim was Sandusky’s defense. Didn’t work then, probably won’t work now.

  • Good Grief

    What is impressive is how this teenage girl managed to be both a virgin and a slut.

  • Edward

    Re: Steven Parks

    And this is exactly the problem in our society. A whole paragraph blaming the girl.

    “He shouldn’t have to pay the price for HER bad decisions” is probably the saddest comment I’ve read about this whole situation.

    I guess we need to have some kind of zipper locks or something but on boys’ pants to keep these sex-crazed girls from having their way with them.