Early Voting Percentages Favor Republicans

Source: Darwood Technology

Courtesy of the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Darwood Technology, we have a quick look at early voting in the county. Draw your own conclusions, but Republicans (Park Cities, Preston Hollow, North Dallas) seem to like hitting the polls early.

(The circled red area is West Dallas, highlighted here because I pulled the map from the Chamber’s Facebook page.)


  • Kurt Watkins

    And this conclusion was made because Democrats only live South of I-30. Not factoring two highly competitive Texas house races in North and East Dallas County?

  • Avid Reader

    Believe it was based on the not to hard to comprehend historical statistics that say North Dallas votes for Republicans and South Dallas votes for Democrats.

  • gisella

    anything to scare your people to the polls

    what does it matter

    dems “allow” their people more than one vote anyway