Dallas Will Soon Probably Be Renamed Klyde Warren, Texas, so Get Ready

A friend of the program sent along this photo, of the newly-dubbed Klyde Warren Auditorium at the Lamplighter School.

Quick checklist:

1. Five-acre park

2. Private school auditorium

When I was in fourth grade, I had a sign on my bedroom door with a couple baseball bats that spelled out “BRAD,” so naming rights were a pretty big deal in my household, too.

I have a call in to school officials to see just when, exactly, young Klyde was honored with this auditorium. I’ll update accordingly. Until then, though, let’s take a quick tour through Lamplighter’s annual giving report.

Amy and Kelcy Warren donated between $25,000 and $49,999 from June 2010 through May 2011. Nothing to squawk at, but certainly not naming-rights territory. There was an anonymous donation of more than $1 million, and another of more than $500,000, though, so maybe that’s where Klyde’s auditorium came from. (Tangential find: the Wilson brothers donated between $50,000 and $99,999 in the same year)

In the 2012 report, the Warrens donated the same amount. Kelcy Warren also serves on the school’s board of directors.

If videos are more your speed, Lamplighter put together an incredibly entertaining video for this year’s annual campaign, complete with a guest appearance from the man behind the curtain, Klyde Warren.


  • D. Shapiro

    I’ll gladly name my endeavor to repay my student loans “Klyde Warren Student Loan Payoff” for 100k. Shoot me a text, Klyde’s dad.

  • Stacy L.

    Remember the good old days when you had to do something extraordinary to have something named after you?

  • Stacy L., shows how little you know.

    Fact: Klyde Warren will become the leader of a future human resistance again our inevitable robot overlords. It is Dallas’ responsibility to train Klyde to become the hero who will save us all. We’ve also reprogrammed one of the killer-robots to travel back in time and serve as his protector and one true friend. And then, they killed Big Tex.

  • Danny Rico? That the anchor’s name? Hard to make out. But that kid has moxie. You know how much more I’d watch the local evening news if those two kids anchored it? Way much more. That’s how much.

  • Elizabeth Bair

    Friend of the program? I think Wilonsky has a trademark on that phrase.

  • Elizabeth- Unless Wilonsky slid into a Sliders-style portal and coined the term as a 50s-era TV host, I think that expression is pretty much public domain.

  • Ashamed

    Everyone one of you ignorant people who are leaving ugly and mean comments about this child over the naming of the park/auditorium should be ashamed! He is an innocent 9 yr old child who didn’t ask for any of this. It’s his shameless, media-hungry father who has thoughtlessly put a target on the back of his own child. Really people, go after the real problem and leave this poor kid alone!!!!