Dallas Republicans Keep Plum Congressional Gigs

Dallas’ Jeb Hensarling and Pete Sessions will lead the House Financial Services and House Rules Committee, respectively, moves that belie the notion Texas Republicans have been losing clout, the Texas Tribune reports.

Sessions kept his rules committee position in the 113th Congress, while Hensarling will take over for Alabama Rep. Spencer Bachus; he served as vice-chair of the committee last session.

“I look forward to working alongside my colleagues to foster the deepest, most liquid, competitive, efficient, innovative, and transparent capital markets the world has ever known,” Hensarling said in a statement, reprinted in The Hill. “To do this we must end the phenomenon of ‘too big to fail’ and reinstate market discipline.”

“We must also reduce taxpayer risk in the marketplace and cut the sheer weight, volume, complexity, and uncertainty of the federal red tape burden that makes capital more expensive and less available. When we do, we can revive and strengthen the free enterprise system – the best housing and jobs program known to man.”

Austin Rep. Michael McCaul will take over the powerful Homeland Security committee, the Chronicle reports.



  • Kk.

    The pic showing the roster of Republican committee chairmen looks like its from 1912 not 2012. Way to show that diversity thing you’ve been touting since the election, GOP. Nothing says we want to represent ALL Americans like 21 out of 21 hetero white men.