Dallas Private Schools Tagged With ‘Obama 666’

Two Far North Dallas private schools were spray-painted with the phrase “Obama 666” this week, the Morning News reports. The schools – Ann and Nate Levine Academy, and All Saints Catholic School – sit less than a mile apart from each other off Frankford Road. Police do not have any suspects at the time, but should probably be looking for a libertarian-leaning eighth-grader with the anarchy symbol dug into his Earth Science notebook.

Also, if you have a minute, Google “Obama 666,” hold your head in your hands, and weep for the future of our nation. Then laugh at that one person who Photoshopped a 666 on Jamie Foxx’s head because they can’t tell black people apart.


  • Everlasting Phelps

    FWIW, the person with the Jamie Foxx photoshop COULD have been trying to say that Foxx’s “Our lord and savior” fiasco was him worshiping the Antichrist, and the 666 was the mark of the beast he had taken.

    But in all probability, you are right and the person is just a moron.

  • mynameisbill

    Now let’s solemnly bang our heads to the totally radical and awesomely bodacious tuneage of Iron Maidens ‘Number of the Beast’! Turned up to 11! Party on, dudes…..

  • tim_lebsack

    Anyone who believes in liberty and personal responsibility is demonstrating a mature understanding of humanity.

  • EdenFranzen

    ahh i go to all saints and it was so scary i was like wow why would some one do that

  • Bob

    Thanks for the article. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://www.Libertarian-International.org ….

  • geir s

    Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?