Dallas Murder Rate Ticks Back Up

The front page of the Morning News today reads something like this: “Murder, MURDER, MURDER.” It’s effective, and I followed the jump to 9A. Bleeding, leading, etc.

The crux of the story is that, at 141 murders, we’ve surpassed the 2011 tally. That means the city is experiencing an increase in murders – not murder rate, which is calculated by population – something it has fought hard against since the murder tally peaked at 500 in 1991.

Yesterday afternoon, Dallas Police’s media department sent out the below document, highlighting these trends, stats, and do-dads. It’s worth a look:

Dallas Murder Statistics


  • Frankford Q Rumplebutt


    Story: Oh yeah, btw we don’t actually know what the murder rate looks like… yeah… kthx.

  • petey

    then its even worse than they state

    the stats are changed to make the city look better not to mention peal downs non stop