Dallas and Houston Have a New Competitor in the Oil and Gas Game: Austin

From the Texas Tribune:

Despite its “Keep Austin Weird” slogan and passion for clean energy, Austin is increasingly attracting oil and gas companies like Three Rivers, a small firm founded in 2009 that focuses on oil development in West Texas and New Mexico, aided by the high oil prices of recent years. Austin’s oil industry, about 4,000 workers strong, is still dwarfed by Houston and Dallas. But the city’s entrepreneurial bent and reputation as an attractive place to live, along with the top-tier petroleum engineering program at UT, have trumped the fact that Austin is far from the oilfields.

Keep Austin Fueled?


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    Solution to Austin “threat”: D Custom Publishing produces, “Energy in Dallas!”, a look at the people and companies producing energy in Big D! Exclamations and quotations intended. You’re welcome.