Cuban Offers Trump $1 Million to Shave His Head

Watch this video, which appears to have been shot in a black-box theater.

Okay, you’re done, and you’ll never have those 37 seconds back. If you ignored my instructions, the headline should do enough to catch you up. In response to Donald Trump’s $5 million offer to President Obama’s charity of choice for the release his college transcripts and passport application, Mark Cuban offered that sputtering pile of follicles $1 million to shave his head. Thankfully, someone’s Xanga page has already imagined what he’d look like bald.

And as much as I’d enjoy this, I’d much prefer if Mayor Mike forked over $500,000 worth of P’Zones to former Mayor Tom Leppert, provided he stops wearing that flag/eagle shirt.


  • annie

    i love this. the greatness of cuban.

  • Pantazi

    Xanga still exists?

  • Albert

    This is so unserious, Cuban should offer Jerry Jones a million bucks to step down as GM.

  • Kk

    Its just as serious as Trumps BS spoutings. He won’t even release his own applications or transcripts.

  • mynameisbill

    Cubes is a douche…and anyway, Stephen Colbert’s offer was much better. Oh, and don’t talk ill of Leppert’s American flag/eagle shirt. Not only is it made of finely sewn, breathable cotton assembled by Vietnamese factory workers, but it also breathes the sweet sweet smell of FREEDOM and AMERICA and goes great with a pair of khakis! God bless:)