Chipper Jones Finally Comments On The JFK Assassination

If you were waiting for Chipper Jones to, at long last, retire from the Atlanta Braves so he could watch 21-year-old movies on REELZ and then expound on his thoughts regarding the Kennedy assassination and the Warren Report, well, it happened.


  • Randy

    Author piece together evidence to prove a conspiracy and expose those living people that are members from two of the most powerful and wealthy families at the top of President Kennedy’s Assassination. A history of United States Banking and Federal Reserve systems that reveal a pattern of corrupt and violent behavior by its owners. History scanning four generations of the Bush and Kennedy Families, assassinations and assassination attempts against those presidents and congressman that challenge the wealthy elitist’s powers controlling U.S. Currency and owning the Federal Reserve. “Business Plot” to over throw President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lastly the assassination of JFK and the aftermath to the assassination, explaining the cover up, disinformation and how those responsible took America in a new direction.