Centennial Beverage Is Closing Shops Across D-FW

We got a few emails from in-the-know folks over the weekend, reminding us that, oh yeah, Centennial Beverage Group isn’t doing too well:

They closed 1 Majestic store last night, and 9 more stores have been informed that today will be their last day of business. Have heard they are closing both Arlington Bottle Shoppe’s as well as the Majestic in Weatherford and Hudson Oaks. The remaining stores closing are Majestic stores in Ft Worth, based on my info.

All sorts of rumors, speculation, and probably soon-to-be-disputed aspersions in the other emails.

I called the Majestic in Weatherford, and a woman picked up the phone.

“They shut us down Saturday, 9 o’clock. We’re packing up today.”

Back in April, Tim reported that the company was $4,756,702 behind on its state taxes, which sounds like a lot of Smirnoff Ice. So I took a stroll through the TABC’s official credit law delinquent list this morning, did a quick Command+F for “Centennial,” and look what popped up:

(all entities list Centennial Beverage Group as their corporate entities)

Arlington Bottle Shop – four delinquencies

Big Daddy’s – 22 delinquencies

Centennial- 68 delinquencies

Doc’s- four delinquencies

Fat Dog- two delinquencies

Majestic- 44 delinquencies

Medallion- four delinquencies

All told, there are 148 separate listings on the TABC’s credit law delinquency list for Centennial Beverage-owned shops. I have a call in to Centennial spokesman Tony Miller; I’ll update when/if I hear back.


  • Patricia Shaw

    It wrong For them to keep store open if it closeing ….going in to a store and its not shit to shop For ….and we is going BAD On worker….CLOSE THE IT DOWN……

  • critic

    They are toast ! What does Centennial have to offer ?
    Major consolidation in this industry. Margin erosion due to competion among many more outlets selling the same stuff. The boxes and nearly every chain supermarket have many of the same sku’s at lower prices.

  • Patricia Shaw

    Close all The store…..you dont hav shit in The store ….

  • BradfordPearson

    Good clarification.

  • Kk.

    We went to the Specs @ walnut hill & central a couple weeks ago. I was amazed that they used the entire former Toys R Us building, it’s freaking huge. We were drawn there by a catalog we got in the mail with really cheap prices on expensive liquor. They are cheap and the selection is vast. The gourmet food aisles selection was amazing too, I couldn’t even count the number of different hot sauces they had. There were only a handful of customers on week night and plenty of employees but as we wandered all over the place looking not one person offered to help us, even when they walked right by us they kept their eyes averted, not even a “hi how ya doin?”. I hope they do some employee training going into the holidays, it could be a great store if they had decent help.

  • Avid Reader

    Total Wine over by Best Buy on Central in close proximity to Spec’s is also dirt cheap.

    • Threeboys

      They are owned out of Virginia. I’ll shop the Texas owned chains.

  • SybilsBeaver

    I was in the Arlington Bottle Shop this past weekend and the shelves are half empty. This place used to be stocked ceiling to floor all the way around, now its just a shell of its former self. I figured it was a sing of the store eventually closing. Seems to be the case for sure now.

  • Threeboys

    A good sign of their demise was the billboard at I-35 & 635 about a year ago, as Spec’s was opening. The tag line was something along the line of “same Centennial, new lower prices” and it touted 75 years in business. Which translates into “we’ve been screwing you for years and now that Spec’s and Total are coming, we are going to try to be competitive”.

    They do have some good locations including 2 on the Addison strip (Majestic & Centennial) and 3 on the edges of the Park Cities. Look for Spec’s or Total to buy them at pennies on the dollar.

  • Threeboys

    Actually it applies to distributors, RNDC, Glazers etc. Suppliers (Diageo) cannot sell directly to the retailer.

  • Somm

    The saddest part about this is that people don’t understand once there is only Spec’s and Total Wine and all the small guys are gone there will be no more handles of liquor and wine at cost. The price war is only temporary. Once there is a monopoly everything will be back to normal retail and higher. After being in the industry for 10+ years this is a sad day. Only the Walmart of wines will exist and people who are considered expert in wine and beer will now only have a career in restaurants since there is no more hope in retail. The big store don’t care about knowledge or customer service, its all about making money.

    • xpo172

      Wow, then you’ve never been to the Specs in Fort Worth. Yes, the cashier was a robot, but the beer guys REALLY seamed to know their stuff. They have more craft beers then anyplace I’ve ever seen. So if that’s the new direction, the I’m all in! I can buy Jack Daniels anywhere, but if you’re going to bring in something different, then I’ll drive the extra mile.

      Ok, that being said. The folks at the Majestic in E Fort Worth have been terrific and I hate to see them go. I would hire them for customer service or retail in ANY business.

  • SybilsBeaver

    its massive, I believe double the size of the other newer D&B’s in town. They say they will open Dec 2n or 3rd