Calf Has Longhorn Marking, May Be the Devil

Source: Fox 4

An alert FrontBurnervian sent me this Fox 4 story, about a calf from Blue Ridge, a Collin County spit 15 miles northeast of McKinney.

As you can see from the photo, this longhorn calf is probably the devil. A Beelzebub in bovine form, the creature has a longhorn marking on its head. Imagine holding your newborn baby for the first time, and seeing an exact replica of the baby on its own forehead. You’d couldn’t find one of those Baby Moses drop-offs soon enough. (Note: unless you want to be bummed out for the rest of the day, do not Google “Where can I drop off an unwanted child?” even if it’s just for a blog post about a longhorn calf.)

But it’s kinda a cute fella, isn’t it?


  • Wes Mantooth

    When did Xzibit start doing Pimp My Cow? You like longhorns? I’ll put a longhorn on your longhorn!

  • Dubious Brother

    Didn’t Mikhail Gorbachev have a longhorn on his forehead?