Backlash (or Backpedaling, Depending on Your POV) Continues For Dallas State Sen. John Carona

The Texas Tribune published this video piece Wednesday (after the Observer earlier this week) on the growing stink Dallas State Sen. John Carona has found himself in. To catch everyone up, Carona was talking with the Dallas Voice, said this about gay marriage/civil unions:

“I struggle with it because, on the one hand you practice your faith for a reason. On the other hand, I look at the issue and say to myself ‘What could be bad about anything that encourages monogamy?'”

…then said this, after a bunch of folks/donors ground him into a pulp over his comments:

“Consistent with my voting record, I do not support gay marriage. This is my view, and I believe it reflects the view of an overwhelming majority of voters in Senate District 16.”

The Voice responded yesterday, in a John Wright editorial entitled “Time for John Carona to Grow a Pair“:

So here’s our advice to you, senator: Grow a pair and own your comments that we got on tape, then tell the Pastor Council to take a flying f*ck. You told me you were concerned about representing constituents in your conservative district, and you questioned my statement that poll numbers show a majority of Texans support equality. Well, the latest poll shows that 70 percent back relationship recognition for same-sex couples, which based on several previous polls includes a majority of Republicans.

Carona’s office, expectedly, has stopped commenting on the issue.


  • Eric

    “…latest poll shows that 70 percent back relationship recognition for same-sex couples”

    That is NOT the same as supporting gay marriage. Two different things.

  • gisella

    And POTUS Obama was against and wouldnt make a statement for years about gay marriage but the left gave him a pass

    The Black churches personally claimed victory in Cali when the prop 8 was defeated couple of years back

    nada from the media about that