An Addison Man Is Planning an ‘End of the World’ Party for December 21, and I Think We Should Go

Source: St. Albert, via Flickr

There are a lot of nuggets in this Reddit thread, but let’s start with his lede:

Date: 12/21/12 That is right boys and girls the last date for humans. After this, everything you know will cease to exist. Its kind of far away but there is a lot of planning to do.

When do you think the world is going to fall apart Friday morning or Friday night? It would work better for us if it fell apart Friday night?

My thought: why not throw a week-long jam? Why stick to one night of hedonism? If the world’s gonna end anyway, why do work/obligations/Christmas shopping matter?

We need to make this a bad ass party. Not every day do you get to celebrate the end of the world. The last end of the world party we had was pretty bad ass but this needs to be better. I have a feeling this end of the world really is the correct end of the world. Think about it.

Agreed. The more bad-ass the better. I’m still with you.



Rent a place or just go to a place?



Hold up, son. Now you’re crossing a line. I just got married. So, of course we’re gonna have fliers. My wife loves fliers.

Commenters are on-board:

robbysalz– Your entire concept for this party is a big fat [Y]

Who else is in?


  • Crumpton J Weatherbutt

    This thread was idiotic when it was on /r/Dallas and it’s still idiotic here.

    • BradfordPearson

      So I’ll see you there?

  • Tim Rogers

    Goodfriend is hosting a Hopocolypse. More my speed.

  • TLS

    I think you misread that. It’s Flyers, as in Philadelphia Flyers. Yes, due to their open schedule they will all be there.

  • Gavin Mulloy

    This Will Destroy You & True Widow at Granada