Alzheimer’s Association CEO Charged With Sexual Contact With a Minor

Photo: Jeanne Prejean

Michael Spencer, the president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Dallas, was arrested and charged with criminal sexual contact with a minor under 13 yesterday, WFAA reports.

The alleged crime occurred in New Mexico, and Spencer is being held in McKinney. He’s been placed on administrative leave by the association.

This Albuquerque Journal piece lists Spencer as the city’s “Fugitive of the Week,” which probably doesn’t come with a special parking space or high five. It also lists him as “5 feet, 1 inch tall, weighing 230 pounds,” so he clearly doesn’t need to grope children to get dates, your honor. Just a tall, strapping, fit man.

Quick, unfortunate update: Seems that before his time with the Alzheimer’s Association, Spencer spent 17 years with various Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. The work brought him from Lubbock to Colorado to Montana, and he eventually became the regional vice-president for the Club’s Southwest operations.

He also has three children.


  • Justice

    It is about time!!!! This guy has gotten away with this for years and the children need justice. I think it is a crime that he hasn’t been removed from society or his own children before now.

  • More Justice

    How many children are scarred, possibly for life, because of sexual predators? He will get his day in court, but the length of time he was involved with children has a very creepy Sandusky-like tone.