Win Wristbands to Polyphonic Spree Show at Klyde Warren Park

Through the online ordering process, the 6,000 wristbands to Saturday’s Polyphonic Spree show sold out in under an hour, but I’ve got a pair for one lucky FrontBurnervian. In the comments, tell us about a transgression that is weighing on your heart. Best confession, as determined by me, your online high priest, will win two wristbands to the Concert for Dallas. Contest ends at 5 o’clock today. Wristbands must be picked up at D Mag HQ by end of business Friday. Now tell us what you’ve done wrong.


  • Kim

    I missed the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge-o-Rama’s Parade of Giants. Still weighs heavy that I missed an awesome cheesy moment in Dallas history.

  • Jason

    Last night while watching TV with my wife, I farted and blamed it on the dog, who was promptly sent outside. The shameful part: I was watching the season finale of Project Runway and caring who won.

  • Jon

    Now who would be silly enough to answer such a schadenfreude-laden request?

  • D. Shapiro

    Student loans have killed my credit.

  • matt

    Big Tex called me days before his suicide and warned me of his pending martyrdom. I did nothing. He was stricken with grief over losing the Cotton Bowl to the his nemesis, animatronic Jerry Jones.

  • Brad

    My wife and I went to the State Fair on Friday. As we were walking up the esplanade, we saw black smoke. I commented that something must be on fire near the midway. She replied with, “What if its Big Tex on fire?”. As we came around the corner, there we saw Tex going up in flames. In my heart, I feel like its her fault and I must divorce her now.

  • Veggie State Fair

    I was the one who set Big Tex on fire. I’d do it again.

  • Eric Celeste

    I’ve never admitted how much I hate Polyphonic Spree.

  • This occurred during this morning’s commute and I feel awful. In a hurry to get to a meeting in Addison (I was late because my Jack Russell escaped the backyard again), I was zooming down E. Grand to catch 30 to the Tollway. The right hand lane was full, so I sped along the left lane hoping to find an opening, only to find myself trapped at the very place where I needed to turn onto the freeway. The moment the light changed, with my palms sweating, I instantly signaled and turned aggressively to the right. The vehicle I offended with such bad driving behavior? a black hearse, with a casket, en route to a service I’m sure as the line of cars behind it was actually following it. He slammed on his brakes and honked. I wave a ‘thanks’ like an idiot and kept driving. My sincere apologies to both the living and the dead.

  • Keith Harris

    Trying to Pay off My Debt and Have Fun with the Event at the Klye Warren Park event on Saturday!!! I hope that I will Win!!!

  • Lauren Alvizo

    Ever since I missed the first round of ordering my tickets for the Polyphonic Spree show, I knew Santa added me to the Bad list. But now that I have a second chance, just maybe I can be on the Good list this year!!!! Please don’t contribute to Lauren getting coal for Christmas. 🙁

  • Kate Beauchamp

    I’m not sure if this applies, but I consistently eat the salted carmel milk chocolates from the bin at Central Market. They’re super expensive and I help myself for free. Sorry I’m not sorry?! (PS, I really want to go to this thing! HELP!)

  • Velia Carranza

    Missing someone so bad that it hurts to breath. The lights and sounds of my city make me dreamy and optomistic, it’s one of the few things that save me. So I want to dream OUTLOUD as U2 sings and add this event to my dreamy feelings.

  • Borborygmus

    I wrote Leslie Brenner another poem. Hiccup, burp, fart. Excuse me.

    It’s a French revolution! So sayeth Ms. B
    (not surprising, considering her bromography),
    but her tongue down my palate is getting quite old
    and her manner of writing has left me plain cold.

    Never mind that the French have been cooking here
    since the 1800’s, it’s historical, my dear.
    This speustic post is but one fine example
    of a summer of kisses, her opinions quite ample.

    Spring mix? Mortal enemy? Are you f***ing kidding?
    Lola Rosa, favored lettuce, she’s not forbidding
    from her endless efforts to struggle with weight
    (one wonders if most food she does hate).

    After all, she can tell if a restaurant is worthwhile
    by downloading their menu online. Now that’s style.
    Regardless if guests think the food’s pretty good
    she’s looking for keywords, not flavor, understood?

    But I cannot resist a final jab at Brenner’s cooking
    since apparently it’s now fine to judge by just looking,
    (while it’s possible an appetite this dish would sate)
    her lentil-celery salad looks like vomit on a plate.

  • Dan Gaylord

    t moment, I came near a fat older woman, and a fat younger woman and didn’t even notice the kids because the women were so foul with their mouths. But this changed abruptly as I heard horrible obsenities and a slapping and thumping of hits from the younger woman, the mulatto mother, to a rather sweet and tender little girl, her daughter who was just being a little girl asking questions and trying to engage her mother. I was horrified that this harsh moose of a woman with clearly no heart or soul was taking perverse joy in degrading her sweet child and cursing such horrible words to her and then hitting her. The grandmother who was caucasian didn’t even bat an eye or say a word to her daughter to be kind. These two were really toxic and sick!

    I think of that little girl everyday, and how I did nothing and could have called the police. I know the government and CPS are broken and that child would probably have had no help from them and if I had called, the child would have been beaten up for calling attention to herself. But I pain for her and pray that some how she can have someone who is brave enough to help her escape from such a horrible life.

    Thanks for letting me share this.

  • kb

    That I was not aware of the event and Saturday’s Polyphonic Spree show is SOLD OUT !

  • Amy

    I spent my daughter’s college money on cheap wine and chocolate, no; really.

  • Jason Reynaga

    I woke up this morning ready for sex. I rolled over, woke up my girl friend, took her clothes off, then noticed an offensive odor coming from her nether region. Completely turned off, I lied to her as to why I changed my mind, saying that all of a sudden my stomach was upset and ran to the toilet. This made me grumpy for the rest of the day. Later, while driving to work, I almost ran over a nun crossing the street. She yelled at me, and I flipped her off. Once at work, one of my employees arrived late to work. I scolded her, and she responded in a very disrespectful way, so when no one was looking, I opened the employee frig, took out her lunch, and proceeded to spit in her sandwich. My largest transgression of the day is that I completely fabricated these stories to win the tickets… 😉

  • Jenna

    I confess that when my husband is asleep & snoring EXTREMELY LOUD I look into his face and start off slowly blowing air into his nose… I gradually increase the intensity of air flow until he stops snoring or swaps at me. If he swaps at me I scream like he is attacking me in my sleep & make him feel horrible for attacking me! I then tell him to go sleep on the couch because I’m scared he is going to do it again…This is Bad huh. This only happens when he snores like there is a LOUD MOTOR in his throat. I’ve done this only 4 times this year… If I get the passes will I have to tell him?!

  • Chris

    Who is Polyphonic Spree?

  • Stacey A

    I have been known to take items out of peoples trash and sell them at my garage sales.

  • Jill S

    Recently I was at the Irving Convention Center, volunteering for the Fan Days Convention they had going on. At one point during the convention, I watched someone outside smoking weed(no joke) but nobody seemed to say anything because the people that were smoking covered up the smell. Especially the gentleman with his cigar. I felt bad because anyone within a good 20 feet got enough of a contact high to want the munchies, including me. I should’ve told the officer near me, BUT he was in line to get a bag of chips too!

  • AK

    I dared Josh Hamilton that he couldn’t drink 10 Red Bulls in an hour…

  • glynn

    My 8 1/2 month pregnant wife took me to a Polyphonic Spree concert for my birthday in 2005. I would love to take my son to the concert since now he has been born and grown up a bit… My confession… I let my 8 1/2 month pregnant wife take me to a Polyphonic Spree concert in July, because I wanted to see the show…. I’m a bad person….. but she was a trooper about it.

  • Brian

    I sometimes park on the grass at Winfrey Point but tell friends and family how much I hate the Arboretum. I also run most of the races at WR Lake and take pleasure in keeping residents trapped in their houses for hours.

  • CC

    I’m dating a guy I have no feelings for

  • CC

    no actually this is better, I’m dating a guy I have no feelings for, and the person I DO have feelings for has NO idea…and my friends told me if I don’t tell him soon they will. Yeesh.

  • Wow. You folks did some excellent work with this one today. Really tough decision.

    CC, your first submission was so stark, so brutally bare. Honestly, it was difficult not to give it to you. And I hope you work out your sticky love life situation.

    But, Jenna, your confession is amazing. So funny, so (seemingly) honest. If you don’t take your husband to the concert and give him the apology he deserves, then karma will get you. I’m sure you’ll do what’s right, though. Congrats.

    I’ve got two more wristbands to give away tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  • Erika Foy

    When i was 16, my older sister’s friend was preparing herself for college with a case of the ever classy Miller Lite at our house. She had never been a drinker throughout high school, so the time had come to test her limits before she flew from the nest. Needless to say, the girl got pretty shwasty in very little time. I was down for the ride, enjoying my time to shine with the privilege of hanging out with my big sister and her friends. Shwasty girl kept asking for water, and being the person on the bottom of the totem pole, I became the water boy (girl- if you will). However, each time i would bring her a cup, she would pour it over my head and laugh at her drunken shenanigan. After about the third time getting soaked, I’d very much lost my patience. I snuck away and peed my heart out into the cup, prepared for Shwasty’s next water request. The moment came when she asked for more water, and I gladly handed over the cup and stepped aside as I watched her gulp the whole glass down. Yes. Shwasty drank my urine. I know it was cruel- this was, after all, her first time being drunk. The thing is, 16 year old me didn’t understand at the time that you do not abuse drunkies. I’ve thought about apologizing, but we have never spoken of the night to each other. She is too embarrased to have ever been that drunk, as I am too embarrassed to have been that cruel. Which leaves my confession in your hands, D Mag.

  • Erika Foy

    Also, winning these tickets would mean getting to spend another enchanting evening my with older sister. This time, with no urine.

  • Heather Glover

    I regret dropping out of college before I had my first child, who is now 27 years old….it has taken me sooo many years and lots of hard work to finally earn my Bachelors degree this past September…..I am now 46 yrs old! If I had just gone back a few months after my daughters birth, I’d probably be in upper management now, making six figures, and could have bought a whole football team’s amount of wristbands with my own money instead of having to beg you to give them to me!! But alas, my wages are on the low low low spectrum of 5 figures, work 3 jobs, and still going to school for my Masters now….give a poor old college student a fun evening out for a change?? 🙂

  • Jenna

    Well karma got me alright!! I broke my right pinky toe Wednesday by stubbing it chasing after our toddler son! I was so caught up in this that i actually FORGOT to check my email intil tonight all to find out that I ACTUALLY WON the Wristbands!!
    Well ladies and gents I will NEVER confess anything again! (JUST KIDDING) Actually I will be more honest with my hubby in the future… Thank you D Magazine for the ability to document my confession and much needed reaping of what I’ve sowed :-0! Whoever got our tickets deserved them more than I and I truly hope you enjoy the concert!! Now as for me….I’ve got some making up to do toe healing to be had and an appointment set up for hubby for sleep apnea next week so we can both have some peace hopefully before the Holidays!

  • Jenna

    Corrections for my previous comment but not including punctuation (Since I could not go back & edit)

    Capitol “I” & “Until instead of Intil”

    Me typing on my IPhone without spell check working as efficient as my laptop = FAIL