Why Klyde Warren Won’t Complain About Museum Tower Glare, Ctd.

I just got off the phone with the president of Klyde Warren Park, Mark Banta. A couple of things need clarification here, and then an apology. I referenced a WFAA report about the glare from the tower. On WFAA’s website, the written version of the story ends like this:

Officials from Klyde Warren Park declined to comment for this story, but did say the glare does not affect them… even though its visitors do seem to notice.

I did not watch the video version of the story, so what I failed to understand is that those words were spoken by the anchor, John McCaa, after the reporter, David Schechter, had tossed it back to the studio. Banta tells me that he didn’t decline comment and that he’d never say the glare doesn’t affect the park. Banta was in the park when Schechter was working on his story, and he talked to the reporter about the story he was working on.

What’s more, Banta says he didn’t know the pension fund had donated to the park. He didn’t become president until March, by which time $50 million in gifts had been made. So the folks who have their names on the park? Yes, he knows who they are. But the pension fund? He says he didn’t know that it had donated money. Meaning, of course, his silence couldn’t have been bought.

“I would never say the glare doesn’t affect us,” Banta says. “We are hugely impacted. The Nasher is our neighbor, and we need them to succeed. Museum Tower is our neighbor, and we need them to succeed. We moved into this great neighborhood, and we’ve got this very difficult situation.”

When he says “hugely impacted,” he means politically. As for the plantings, Banta says they will have to wait and see what effect the reflected heat and light from Museum Tower might have. They’ve already lost some trees, but that’s a result of drought.

The closing line of the WFAA report should have given me pause. (They declined to comment but also commented that they were unaffected?) Instead I leaped to the implication that park officials had been influenced by cash. I shouldn’t have. Mea culpa.


  • mynameisbill

    This isn’t the time to mea culpa anything, Tim. This is when you double-down.

    • @mynameisbill: I thought about going that route. Saying Banta is clearly lying, etc. Sorry to let you down.

  • You need to include the word “Park” in your headline on this and the previous post. When I read the current headline (Why *Klyde Warren* Won’t Complain About Museum Tower Glare) it makes it sound like the little boy Klyde Warren himself isn’t complaining, not the park.

  • Kk

    I’ve talked to quite a few people that worked with Mr. Banta on last weekends festivities and all of them had good things to say about him. He’s been a pleasure to work with, he’s done a great job and he seems to be a good guy. I met him Sunday night when he’d probably had very little sleep and had worked his rear off endlessly for days and he was still nice as could be to everyone working with him. In a hard place between the Nasher & the tower? Boy howdy, they are indeed.

  • tb

    Can’t wait to hear what Schutze has to say about this.

  • Little Tinfoil Hate

    Cripes, Tim. Klyde is your doppelgänger this week. Maybe you should revert to slamming your ex-employees this week instead of speaking your version of “truth” about your advertisers. Would this be a good time to tell us about the Chinese wall between advertising and editorial?

  • JimS

    OH MY GAAAWD!!!! OH MY GAAAWD! Let me catch my … My … My BREATH! I need a paper bag to breath in so I won’t PASS OUUUT! Tim Rogers MADE A MISTAKE!! This is like just a huge huge nightmare. I can’t stop my feet from popping up and down real fast, and I am covered with huge greasy sweat. I think I’m going to be … Oh no!! Get the hell out of my way. I need a bathroom right now … Oh no! It’s TOO LATE!! And it’s not just Number One. TIM ROGERS!!! Did you hear what I said? It’s TIM ROGERS. and he made a MISTAKE. I think I’m having an aneurysm. Something awful is coming out of my nose in big blobs. OH NO! It’s my brains! No, really. I am just totally taken aback.

  • Bob

    And so goes “journalism” in Dallas.

  • Seven

    @Matthew: I had the same thought. But now I’m really curious if Klyde Warren would complain. Will someone please ask him?

  • Ket

    Let’s see if the Pearson kid can get away with making unfounded accusations followed up by an “oops, my bad.”

  • Daniel

    Well, MY silence can be bought. Just throwing that out there.

  • Joe Smith

    This is not the first time that McCaa has made an inaccurate conclusion based on his field reporter’s story.
    In addition, Schechter frequently gets his facts wrong in search of a stronger story line.