What Will Klyde Warren Park Mean to Dallas?

Have to admit: it looks amazing. Didn’t realize you can actually see straight through Museum Tower at night. Looks like a ghost building.
Klyde Warren Park, the green space that’s been erected atop Woodall Rodgers Freeway in downtown Dallas, is about to open with great fanfare, and much snarled traffic, this weekend.

D Magazine has just published an entire special issue about how this park came to be: the idea, the funding, the construction, and the anticipated impact. You can learn about all the programming planned for this new green space. Our cover line calls it a “green jewel for Dallas.” But what do you think?

Don’t like our line of questioning? Ask your own.

Klyde Warren Park


  • Haretip

    I’m surprised with all the discussion about the lack of parking spaces at the park that none of the news outlets picked up on the fact that the streetcar passes the west end of the park. They will be running extended hours and all of their equipment for the weekend due to the park opening and Halloween.

  • downtown_worker

    The park will change the face of Dallas, fix the housing crisis, cure cancer and save puppies.
    But most likely, it’ll just make downtown Dallas “cool” to outsiders who didn’t think they would ever want to come down here.

    I’m excited to see the drive-thru banks eventually go away (there’s at least 3 of them) and maybe replaced by housing and/or a boutique hotel. I’m excited for the new Pelli-designed Crescent building that promises lots of retail and maybe a high-end grocery store.

    I want to see new bike lanes extending from the park along Harwood toward both the Katy Trail and the Farmers Market. And I want this to result in more people choosing to live downtown so we can reach that elusive critical mass of residents in the CBD.