Tom Luce Gives Up on Museum Tower-Nasher Sculpture Center Negotiations

The Morning News has the email that Luce, who was mediating the dispute between the Nasher and the owners of Museum Tower, sent to the administrator for the Dallas Police & Fire Pension System:

Richard; recent events have made clear that the conditions and spirit
under which I agreed to serve to help find a mutually beneficial
solution for all parties are not being adhered to by you. This saddens
me because I believe this is such an important issue for our City as a
whole together with the financial future for our wonderful police and
fireman. From the sideline I will be hoping this situation can be
mutually resolved with your approach.

Was yesterday’s tour the last straw?


  • thufir_hawat

    Richard Tettamant is the ‘s DPFPS administrator; he is no lawyer.

  • Fixed

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    Real world translation of Mr. Luce’s fine prose:

    Life is too short for this crap. Tired of your playground misbehavior. I am out of here. Adios MoFo.

  • Chris

    I still think the Nasher is somewhat to blame here. They should have protested this building in the development stages in City Hall.

  • What developers/pension administrators have yet to publicly acknowledge is obvious: the highly reflective glass selected for the 42 story private building imperils not just the Nasher Sculpture Center and Garden but the many other public/private investments in the entire Dallas Arts District. In the effort to minimize costs of heating and cooling the glass building, the reflection has to go somewhere and the glare and heat are damaging in a 360 degree circle. Investors who want to live in Museum Tower may be less inclined when they know the full story. Neighbors and neighboring institutions are understandably less accommodating to newbies who are okay with bullish behavior.

  • towski

    @Chris – If I recall correctly, and I certainly might not, during the development stages in city hall this building was 20 stories and significantly less reflective than it ended up.

    Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Kk

    Why doesn’t Luce just say the negotiations failed, I recommend the Nasher sue immediatly? Those condos are never going to sell, what a bunch of hard headed bozos. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, it’s more like museum tower folks are shooting themselves on the head.

  • critic

    Sue, litigate, arbitrate, or whatever. If the reflective glare issue is not resolved the MUSEUM TOWER is going to be a rental property or possibly even the most expensive homeless shelter ever built !
    The longer this goes on the profits are going away for the pension fund.

  • Chris

    @towski, if you are correct, then the city has permission to deny an occupancy permit, and demand it be corrected, not the museum.