Tom Leppert Watches a Senate Campaign Debate

Since Tom Leppert’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been basically dormant since he finished a distant third in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, we’ve had to fill in a few blanks. Here, then, is a snippet of Leppert watching Ted Cruz debate Paul Sadler.

"That could have been me up there. That *should* have been me. Where did I go wrong? Did I not wear the bald eagle polo shirt enough? I told them. I TOLD them. I said, listen, people need to know Tom Leppert is a TRUE conservative who cares about BUSINESS and AMERICA and hates those career politicians in WASHINGTON and the best way to communicate that is the bald eagle shirt and my dress Oakleys. I don't know what I was paying those consultants for, anyway. They fought me at every turn. First, they put the bald eagle shirt in the "occasionally" stack and then they tried to talk me out of using all my hand gestures. THOSE ARE MY MONEY MAKERS. Without those, I'm just a haircut and a sketchy record in the one office I've held. But you're not done yet, Tommy. Not by a long shot. The comeback begins NOW. Right now. Well, right after this episode of Real Housewives."


  • smeyers

    Gawd, I wish he would come back. Isnt there something he could run for…like railroad commissioner or Dallas County Commissioner Court? He needs to work on being himself, run a more business friendly centered campaign, leave gay marriage or any type of social moral issues on the side of the road.No one that would vote for him wants government legislating those issues. Maybe become a Libertarian.

  • Wylie H.

    I think he’s left town– does anyone know where he’s moved?