This Right Here Is a Post for Dough Crin

Three things you need to know: for some reason, Zac’s dry cleaner has him on file as Dough Crin. Wait. Let me back up. There are four things you need to know: Zac uses a dry cleaner. The second thing, the thing I mentioned earlier, is that this dry cleaner thinks his name is Dough Crin. When he picks up his clothes, that’s the name he has to give them. The third thing you need to know is that I know no one — male or female, young or old — who enjoys a dance-off more than Dough Crin. And, finally, Dough got precious little sleep last night, owing to a secret project he’s working on, and he needs a pick-me-up this morning.


  • I don’t want to watch. I want to look away. And yet, I cannot.

    • My favorite part is the way the dork in shorts holds his “robot off” pose after he’s removed from the dance floor. That is commitment.

  • Lexie

    Are you sure the dry cleaner isn’t calling him Do Crin – short for endocrin? As in HORMONAL!!!! 🙂

    • @Lexie: Ha, it’s pronounced “Doug” — the h is silent.