Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Oct. 4

From Eno's Facebook page.I like cars. I don’t know a lot about them, but I like the pretty ones, the classics, and I love my grandfather, who really loved cars, and did know a lot about them. When I was a kid, he owned a beautiful old white T-Bird that he kept in pristine condition. I think about that car all the time, the polished gleam of the small round mirrors, the reddish leather seats.

Anyway, if you wander over to the Bishop Arts district this evening, you’ll happen on Cruise Night, an informal celebration of vintage vehicles. Classic Chassis Car Club will supply a few Studebakers, MGs, and Citroens, but other enthusiasts are welcome (and if you bring a vehicle, Eno’s will give your free craft beer from 6-7 p.m., and parking for classic cars is reserved). Otherwise, the shops and restaurants will stay open late, and musicians Robert Edwards (piano) and Matt Tolentino will play ragtime and swing for an hour in the street.

Feel like doing a little shopping tonight? The brand new Design District Market is your bag. Troll the 300 block of Cole Avenue for food trucks, beer from local breweries, and unique vendors. Dogs are welcome, and there will be live music to enhance the experience.

Shakespeare Dallas’ excellent production of Macbeth has moved from the Samuell-Grand to Addison, and in addition to tonight’s performance, SD offers Shakespeare buffs the chance to show off with Bard bar trivia before you head over to Addison Circle Park. It’s free to participate.

I don’t know much about the pub, The Lion & Crown, besides the fact that it’s British and therefore appropriate for this sort of thing. Trivia dating tip: a friend of mine liked the bartender at one of the trivia nights she went to regularly in Brooklyn, so she made the team name the guy’s name and her phone number. It actually worked, sort of. She got phone calls. Maybe not all from the intended recipient. Addison-specific dating tip: if you’re a certain kind of smoker, I get that Addison is the sort of wonderful place where you can sit indoors with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. Addison is not, however, the place where you take a nonsmoking Dallas resident on a first date. That’s all. Free, unsolicited advice, from me to you.

For more to do tonight, including the first movie of Hitchcocktober at Mockingbird Station, go here. For State Fair fun, go here.