The Biggest Troll on the Internet Lives in Arlington

If you haven’t yet read the Gawker profile of Michael Brutsch, you should find some time today to do so. Brutsch is better known by his online handle, Violentacrez, which he used to post horrible stuff on Reddit just to rile people up. As Adrian Chen puts it in his story, “Violentacrez was the most influential user of one of the most influential websites on the internet.” Well, he was anyway. Now that Chen has unmasked Brutsch, his online life has gotten a bit complicated.


  • And in other news Tim, there are some good folks that you don’t know that are unemployed, Army vets, worked in business most of their lives, that love to write, and has had blogs for years. I hope you aren’t putting us all in the same catagory. The last two internet people you have profiled (The guy from Anonymous ), and then this guy, doesn’t bode well for the good guys. But there are good guys out here. Let’s hope you give us a chance.

  • Sarah Miller

    It goes way way beyond being mean to people on the Internet Tim. Brutscher ran dozens of child pornography forums on and the owners of, apparently Conde Nast publishers, turned a blind eye to it because it brought in millions of page view advertising dollars for them . Brutsch has openly and publicly admitted to having oral sex with his 19 year old daughter.

    He is a very sick man and he was fired today from his job at First Financial Pawn shops and check cashing agency. He is still living at his house in Arlington and, as the article mentions, little neighborhood children play at his house.

  • Liz Landry

    Why is the concept of freedom of speech so hard for people to understand?! You may have a legal right to say it, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be social repercussions. You may lose friends, you may lose customers or readers and you may find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s free speech. But, you absolutely don’t get to hide behind it.

  • @Sarah Miller: It was his stepdaughter. Not defending him, just getting the facts right. And how do you know he was fired?

  • Michael in LH

    @Sarah – No kidding on getting your facts your straight. He did not run child porn forums on reddit. He actively kept illegal child porn out of the forums. Were the forums creepy and generally downright disgusting? Yes but they were not pornography.

  • Hazel

    Michael Brutsch has been fired. I just spoke to his employer.

  • In the end, there is a lot of money at stake with large ad revenue sloshing around and little wonder that reddit or Conde Nast (who have yet to issue a statement about this whole fiasco) simply pretending to pay lip service whilst bullies like Violentacrez went
    about abetted by reddit and Conde Nast continuing their nasty bag of tricks.

  • mynameisbill

    I am Mr. Violentacrez’s employer. He is an invaluable asset to our company, so he has received a raise and a private jet of which I can only humbly hope will keep him employed with our organization for many more years to come. Bravo zulu Violentacrez and God bless the USA!

  • YaValioCacaWates

    I talked to a wino buying some Thunderbird wine that could pass as an identical twin to Tim., except the wino was a much nicer person. Poor wino.