• really

    that’s the best you guys can do? seriously??

  • Jason

    Not every photo is going to be literal. Some will be about the wonderful geometry, repetition, colors and abstractions found at the fair. As someone who hasn’t missed a Texas State Fair in 34 years, I can say that it’s nice to see aspects of the fair on different levels.

  • Wukong

    It captures the suspense of the life of the balloon, waiting with breath held until some unnassuming child appears, dart in hand, and before the balloon’s general “Oh– what’s that–,” the child’s enthusiasm converts balloon to stuffed toy! Anxious!

  • Tim

    This is the greatest photo of all time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G3

    Wonder filled spectral display of color. More than cotton candy it is the balloons in the arcade that summon the whole of the fair…okay, now I want to go to the fair!

  • Armstrong 3rd grader.

    Hidden boobs are one row down and 3 columns over.

    Ha ha you looked.