Spencer Hall On “Lance Armstrong and the Noble Lie”

Good read here from SB Nation’s Spencer Hall on Lance Armstrong, today dropped by Nike and out as chairman of Livestrong. A taste:

The effects of Armstrong’s masturbatory cult-building have been positive, but positive outcomes as the result of something negative aren’t justification for post-facto rearrangement of the moral furniture. He lied, and did so aggressively and often maliciously against those who dared to point it out publicly. His lies profited him immensely over the years, something that in legal terms is usually filed under the overused but appropriate term “fraud.”


  • Eric

    Yeah, that first sentence is a piece of work alright……

  • J Urich

    When will the Cult of Lance disciples at Richardson Bike Mart remove their Lance artifacts? When will Lance, Trek and others apologize to Greg Lemond, the greatest American cyclist ever? Does this mean the city of Richardson has to reclaim Lance from Austin?