Search Resumes for Missing Coppell Football Star

Eighteen months after the tragic drowning of Jha’kyric Nixon, Coppell High School’s Class of 2013 is hurting again, with football standout Jacob Logan missing after a diving incident yesterday afternoon at Possum Kingdom Lake.

My son, Jordan, who’s away at the Marine Military Academy, has been a buddy of Jacob’s since the third grade. He’s reeling from the news, as is everyone in the close-knit community of Coppell. Last night, teammates and other high school students flocked to the football field for a prayer vigil, followed by another at Irving Bible Church.

The search resumed for Jacob this morning, after divers were unable to locate him yesterday. He and some friends were at the lake Sunday for a birthday celebration.

Jacob is a wide receiver for the Coppell Cowboys, currently ranked No. 3 nationally by MaxPreps.


  • Kk

    Do not dive into unclear water people!!! I worked with the paralyzed for a while. The #1 reason for their injuries were motorcycle accidents, either 2nd or 3rd most common was diving into dark or murky waters. And my clients, the severely, permanently injured were the lucky ones, most died in similar accidents. My thoughts are with the friends and family of this lost young man, it’s just heartbreaking.

  • I’m a friend of the Logans having worked with the father and mother thru the years. Such a promising young man, this news really comes as a shock. My understanding is that this wasn’t the first time they had went to this lake home. But all of us guys do things when we’re young that we look back and say, how in the world did we survive it? There is no fear at that age as it was when we were young. That’s probably what drove him to be such an excellent student and football player. But, you’re right, maybe this story will prevent some other teenager from doing the same. That’s the best we can hope and pray for. Please keep this family in your prayers as I will and all those families that have lost children due to similar circumstances. God Bless Jacob and the entire Logan during this difficult time.

  • CraigT

    How do you know you are in Texas? When a story about a missing young man isn’t complete until you know where his HS football team ranks. Good think he wasn’t in the chess club or no one would care.

  • FR

    Please be more sensitive with your comments. The kids in our community are hurting.

  • @CraigT: If Jacob were in the chess club, or the band, or in nothing at all, the Coppell community would still be heartbroken. The fact that the football team is ranked nationally is worth noting.

  • Ann Brown

    My heart is aching for the family and friends of this young man. Words can not express the sorrow I feel.

  • CA Southlake

    @CraigT: There are so many vulgar and just awful things I want say to you right now, but I’m going to refrain from saying them because I know Jacob wouldn’t want me to. The city of Coppell and others around it aren’t in grievance because they lost a great football player. They lost more than that. He was an excellent young man and a great friend to me. His character and personality were enough to trump any of his tremendous athletic abilities. He left this world a much better place than it was when he entered it. I’m sorry you felt the need to take the death of this young man, of my friend, as a way to joke about Texas stereotypes. Have a great day sir.