Out-of-Touch Big Papers Pick Sadler over Cruz

The Austin American-Statesman endorsed Democrat Paul Sadler over the GOP’s Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate race. That gives Sadler endorsements by four of the state’s five big-city newspapers, including the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Only the Houston Chronicle favored Cruz among the major-metro papers. In a reliably red state that will elect Cruz by a solid margin next Tuesday, this proves one main thing: How out of touch the elite opinion-makers in major metros are with traditional bedrock Texas conservative values. And, they wonder why they’re losing circulation?


  • towski

    Hey Glenn? If the democrats consistently win or are at least even in the big cities in which those newspapers are located, how does this make them out of touch? Sounds to me like they are in-touch with their core constituency. Don’t worry, I’m sure all the small-town newspapers are doing the right thing and endorsing the republican candidate, just as their constituency reflects.

    I don’t think you thought this one through, Glenn.

  • Mo Roney

    That’s one way to look at it. You might also consider what they thought through and learned in weighing the candidates that might not have seeped through your bedrock values. More impressive to me is the fact that they felt so strongly about the choice that they risked pissing off someone who is sure to be a power broker in Texas for decades. And don’t forget that the same morning Big Tex read the DMN Sadler endorsement, he decided to end it all.

  • Tom

    It’s hard for some to admit, but the better, more experienced candidate can come from the “other” party. As towski said, with the exception of Fort Worth/Tarrant County, Sadler will likely have a majority in the “big-city” newspaper towns.
    “Elite opinion makers,” “traditional bedrock Texas conservative values,” “reliably red state,” “losing circulation.” Throw in one more catchphrase and you’ll have Fox News bingo!

  • Michael in LH

    The reliable red state of Texas wasn’t so reliable at the local level in the last few election cycles. I doubt that will hold true at the national office level but the times are a changing.

  • Blake

    So a paper is supposed to write its editorial opinions based on its business model?

    That’s great journalism right there.

  • Brad

    Even this semi-controversial blog post won’t help this web site’s declining number of commentors.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @towski: Last time I checked Republicans held every statewide Texas office and dominated both houses of the Legislature and the Texas congressional delegation. Austin’s always been Democrat but the GOP’s a force in the other big cities and their ‘burbs are solidly red. Also, DMN likes to think of itself as a “statewide” paper. So not sure you thought this through.

  • Tom

    @Blake – it works for Fox News

  • Frank

    Has Glenn Hunter ever made a coherent post? I could have sworn this was a headline from The Onion before I saw who wrote it.

  • blue pencil

    Boy, talk about wanting it all. The DMN gave — what? — maybe three-four endorsements to Dems in its entire two-page list of candidates (I’m not going to go through that roster of predictability to count the exact number). It held its nose and even endorsed Smokey Joe and Pete ‘Rubber Stamp’ Sessions. But Glenn gets all put-out when a Tea Party fave like Cruz was slighted. One thinks the furor’s because it actually says a lot about Cruz. Even some faithful Republicans have trouble with his extremism and think Sadler seems more reasonable.

  • towski

    @Glenn – I think the Commentariat has retorted sufficiently. Don’t worry, Glenn. We’ll still chuckle at your curmudgeonly posts. Your position as D Magazine’s version of Pat Buchanan is still secure.

  • tb

    @Glenn Hunter – Per you: “Last time I checked Republicans held every statewide Texas office,” etc. So what? By your logic, newspapers in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma were fulfilling their proper roles if they endorsed Jim Crow candidates in the 1950s and 60s. A newspaper can follow or lead. A leading newspaper leads.

  • Long Memory

    @Glenn: I like the part about the Morning News considering itself a statewide paper. Well, I consider myself a Tom Berenger lookalike, but my wife on chortles when I mention that. The DMN quit being a statewide newspaper when it laid off all its reporters outside a 10-mile radius of Young Street. So why not think locally, if you can’t think statewide anymore? Besides, maybe they just want to be able to say “We told you so” when that raging Teabagger goes to Washington and puts down another layer of embarrassment on Texas.

  • mynameisbill

    It’s kinda like how there are fewer Nickleback fans in the city then there are in the rural areas.

  • Alexander Muse

    Glenn, remember, the people who comment on posts are Democrats…

  • Tom Traubert

    Maybe they are asking just how effective will a wingnut like Cruz be in the Senate anyway? Thanks to the Tea Party GOPers like Akin et al, the Dems will at least hold (and likely increase) their Senate majority. And Obama is going to be re-elected. Even the S-T and DMN can see that this guy will be marginalized and simply piss off the administration, a la our guv. It ain’t rocket science.

  • Dubious Brother

    @Tom T – Obama is going to be re-elected? And of course, global warming caused Sandy.Forward…….

  • M Steeter

    Maybe the editorial board at DMN felt more comfortable endorsing a Texan rather than a Canadian Cuban.