Neiman Marcus Debuts the 2012 Christmas Book

Santa in his 2013 Neiman Marcus edition McLaren 12C Spider.

Remember how exciting it was as a child to gawk over gifts while the sun streaked in on Christmas morning? That’s basically how it felt today at the Filter Building on White Rock Lake, where Neiman Marcus debuted its 2012 Christmas Book.

The wide-open, exposed-brick warehouse was stuffed full of grown-up toys that surely wouldn’t fit easily in the Neiman’s flagship store downtown. Once the stark white curtains were dropped, sun came pouring in to shine on a wide range of objects, from his and hers Parisian-inspired watches to a James Bond-esque jetpack. The pastoral background of the sun coming up over the lake made for an interesting foil to the lavish display of goods.

My personal favorite was the Heritage Hen Mini Farm. This luxurious hen “boudoir” comes with custom-built raised gardens and, obviously, hens to help you get back to fresh food and ethical treatment of animals. Not to mention that it makes you feel like you’re in a Fragonard painting.

But perhaps you’ve always wanted to be in a Broadway show. One gift for sale is a walk-on role (for an adult) in Annie: The Musical. Bonus: the dog in the show is a rescue animal. Philanthropic, no?

Santa had his own favorite. I found him hanging out in the 2013 Neiman Marcus edition McLaren 12C Spider – in volcano red, of course. “Nice sleigh!” he shouted. “It’s the holidays! Red, shiny, perfect for under the tree!”

But this isn’t just an excuse to be extravagant here, people. Gifts included in the Christmas Book benefit nine different charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Pedigree Foundation, and Amfar.

That being said, I still really want a henhouse.

Sarah Bennett is a D Magazine intern.


  • Divanora

    Nothing more useless in Dallas than a McLaren, much less a McLaren dealership. It’s not meant to be driven in stop-and-go Dallas traffic, rather at 150+mph. On the Autobahn.

  • J bennett

    Well let us hope that the top!% not only in Dallas but worldwide love this catalog and spend their money there…conspicuous consumption on steroids…but good for the economy no?