Museum Tower-Nasher Sculpture Center Situation Provides Grist for Mill of Halloween Costumes

Paul Devereaux’s Halloween costume

In addition to the Klyde Warren Park  opening festivities over the weekend, Halloween was being celebrated early in Uptown and all over town.

At Saturday’s 7th Annual Dallas Bones Bash Gala benefiting the Arthritis Foundation at the Fairmont, imagination was let loose. Emma Nichols came as the New Jersey Tanning Bed mom, Kevan Wong and Paul Rook stopped traffic as red “satyrs with big horns,” and Paul Devereaux was a standout with his sandwich board promoting the Nasher Sculpture Center souvenir shop.



  • mynameisbill

    I’m going as a sexy Mayor Mike. I’m taking a pair of dress slacks and turning them into daisy dukes, cutting off the sleeves of a dress coat, and rolling up a dress shirt all sexy like. Then, i’m gonna go around and tell folks to stop being so naughty and learn to work out their differences for the betterment of the city! Yeah, i’m gonna be a bad mayor. Meow:)