Museum Tower at the State Fair of Texas

An alert FrontBurnervian passes along this photo taken at the State Fair of Texas. I offer it for your eyeballs without comment.


  • walkabledfw

    brilliant. any way to get a transcript of the text?

  • If Donna Wyse Hill is out there, please send us your text.

  • Tim

    errmahgerd, that’s sooooo bleeding heart.

  • Kk

    I’m headed out for corny dogs today, if no one else gets it I’ll take a close up snap of the text and shoot it to you.

  • BrandonS

    Dare I ask what the gooey-looking stuff is supposed to be on the banner?

  • StopTheGlare

    Art always challenges!

    Please sign the petition:

    The glare is affecting all of the Dallas Arts District with the same intensity that the Nasher Sculpture Center has experienced. Public focus on this issue is the key to making sure that our city leaders make the developers accountable for glare in all directions and improve city building code/oversight so this never happens again!