Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens To Divorce, Ctd.

A Google search of Boone’s name tells us something about the media landscape today. I broke the news at 12:36. Best I can tell, Alan Peppard was next, at 12:47. (I suspect, though cannot say with certainty, that he already knew about the divorce and had not reported it because he’s more of a gentleman than I but was forced by my post to put up his own.) Then came the Washington Post, the Sacramento Bee, and others. None of those who followed bothered to mention who broke the news. Because breaking news is worthless. In our digital age, news is everywhere all at once, and it matters not one whit that someone had it 10 minutes before someone else. Which is why my 5,000-word analysis of the Pickenses’ marriage, including how it unravelled and affected the emotional lives of their dogs, will be all the more impactful. (Kidding.)


  • Scott

    Don’t get too excited, it was in print DMN last week.


  • Avid Reader

    When did you see “breaking news” start becoming worth less?

    • @Avid Reader: June 27, 1998, just after lunch. I’m not sure, man. Smarter people than I noticed it. I probably just read about their observations on Twitter.

  • T. Tuxedo

    OK, TMZ, congrats on “breaking” the news on Boone’s divorce. There were more than whispers about it around town, Chumly.

  • Kk

    A friend of mine said that our little earthquake the other day was T. Boones fault. He said he’d lived in Dallas 50 years with not a single single rumble. It was a frack quake not an earthquake.

  • Brent D.

    Scott at the DO broke the news about the Frito pie world record almost 24 hours before Sidedish. I didn’t see a mention there.

  • J bennett

    WHO REALLY cares?

  • read your AP Style Guide

    For an award-winning journalist, I’m surprised to see how you spelled his name in the plural sense. Pickenses’. Really?
    It’s Pickens’.
    Read your AP Style Guide or Strunk & White. Something. Please!

  • ugh

    Breaking news has great value. Ask business news wires and trade pubs; they sell their news, rather than give it away.
    However your expectation that journalists around the world are going to cite Tim is quaint. No, when a journalist confirms the news on his own, he doesn’t have any obligation to say where he first read the news. He might not even know who broke it first. He is just going to call Jay, get a confirmation, write a quick story, and move on. Further, a divorce is public information; so there are going to be public documents that anyone may see.
    This has zero to do with the value of breaking news.