Leading Off (Or Close Enough) (10/4/12)

Nasher Sculpture Listed as “Endangered Landscape.” By the Cultural Landscape Foundation, long my go-to source for any and all endangered landscape lists. Tim just Gchatted me that link, along with a pic of his middle finger and some very colorful language about a certain local columnist.

Rangers Buckle Like A Belt, Face Win Or Go Home Game On Friday. I feel like I affected the outcome by watching (aka the Heisenberg principle, and not whatever I called it yesterday when I already made that same observation).

TCU QB Casey Pachall Arrested For DWI. And whatever that is poking out from the back of his helmet.

Deion Sanders Grilled Over Improper Recruitment For His Prime Prep Academy. Brett Shipp is going to keep his work Oakleys ready, because this thing is a goldmine.

But You Guys Just Want To Talk About The Debate Last Night. Go for it.


  • Albert

    Yesterday was a dark day for Democrat Ranger fans.

  • Mess

    D Writers/Editors: I implore you to show at least some outrage over Prime Prep charter “school” as it’s a shameless racket. Deion Sanders needs to be shot. Like you guys, I generally ignore poor people, but I hate to see school children exploited so openly in a city I love!

  • Long Memory

    Having read the Prime Prep story this morning, I agree with Mess. If I’m the UIL, then I tell Arlington Grace Prep (and any other recruiting center school) that you can OK your coach leaving and taking the basketball team with him, but we don’t have to approve them showing up en masse. This ain’t the wild, wild West. Well, actually it is, but the UIL is supposed to keep that stuff in check. This is the perfect argument why UIL schools ought to honor their contracts with Prime, but they oughtn’t to sign any new one. Tell Prime to go play the outlaws and the private schools.

  • Kk

    In the big glossy DMN, FD Luxe insert yesterday there was a big fashion spread shot at museum tower. Lots of slick shots in and around the building, in the model units. It seemed a sales brochure of the place.