Leading Off (10/5/12)

Your Spilled Drink Messed Up American Airline’s Seats. So if you’ve been following the travails of American Airlines, you probably know that the latest problem involved seats that became all undone while planes were flying. AA thought they fixed the seats, only to have more come unbolted. Then, after some looking, it was discovered that you dirty, sloppy passengers and your drink spilling shenanigans were contributing to the problem. Sippy cups for everyone now.

Breeders (Probably) Dumped Dogs in Denton County. If you’re looking for a Maltese, a Cocker Spaniel or a King Charles, you may be in luck. It seems that someone dumped 50 Maltese and about 40 spaniels in Denton County this week, and law enforcement officials think it was probably a puppy mill owner or two who did the dumping, trying to avoid having to have their premises inspected, per new state laws.

Madison the Mermaid Arrested Near Winnsboro. After protesting and getting arrested in Washington DC, Daryl Hannah was arrested yesterday when she stood in front of heavy equipment with Eleanor Fairchild in a bid to halt the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was being built on Fairchild’s land in Winnsboro.  And it may be really early so my reading comprehension is off, but I’m not sure how you get arrested for criminal trespassing on your own land.

Woman Vanishes While Boarding Plane with Family at DFW. Reading this story, it sounds like maybe Jeanne Rysiewicz just didn’t want to go back to Indiana. But how she achieved that is what is puzzling everyone, and making it hard to confirm. She was at DFW International Airport boarding a plane back home with the rest of her family – in line to board, even – when she disappeared. Cameras have her leaving the terminal, and investigators have found one of her bags, empty. But there has been no contact with anyone – even on Facebook, the bastion of oversharing and kitten photos.

Rangers Might Win Because Some Other Guy is Pitching. I hope they do, seriously. But here’s this story full of unicorns, hugs, hope and wadded up, tear-stained tissues. Go Rangers.



  • dog lover

    I can’t believe that police “might consider” animal cruelty charges for the dogs dumped next to a busy railroad track. They were covered in filth and left for dead. That’s not cruel?? Seriously. What is WRONG with this city????

  • frequent flier

    About American Airlines….. Sure, spilled drinks are the cause (heavy sarcasm here)…..This is why they are in bankruptcy — they can’t accept responsibility for their own actions and inability to check their own planes. It is NOT the passengers’ faults. Grow a pair AA.

  • J bennett

    The management of AA has cultivated a policy of “us” against” them forever..the Upper Mangement and Pilots vs everyone else..and it is now coming to roost for all the world to see!They NEVER got the Southwest model that the airline was really A TEAM but it was divide and conquer and there you have the results of reaping what you have sown for too many years and they STILL do not get it.Look inward AA!

  • Laray

    RE: Mermaid and Eleanor Arrested

    Two words: eminent domain. Fairchild refused to sign a contract with TransCanada so they took a portion of her property through eminent domain. The AP story says that the hoopla going on in east Texas is being assisted by outside interlopers. Not entirely true. There are nine people currently occupying trees in the path of the pipeline and a few others have been arrested for acts of nonviolent resistance. They’re Texans, and this all started 12 days ago (the story is now getting legs because of the Mermaid).

    In addition, the group,”Tar Sands Blockade,” is a diverse mix of young environmentalists, landowners, and members of the tea party. In short, lots of action happening in the trees tops and on the ground in Winnsboro.

  • Neal

    Does AA think we are stupid? I can understand one set of seats – maybe, maybe – coming undone at some point. But three incidents on three planes over the course of a day or two? Because of a faulty bracket and/or an accumulation of soda? Lies, spin and nonsense.

    It is sabotage. No doubt. God knows what those people might do next.

    And for the record, AA people, I don’t care if your management is stupid or cruel. I don’t care if you’re right or wrong. I don’t care if your grievances are legitimate. It is not my problem nor is it the problem of any passenger. If you – and I mean all of you, management and labor – can’t show up to work and get us safely and on time from point A to point B, then just stay home.