Leading Off (10/3/12)

Poor Roads and Traffic Cost Drivers $1,500 a Year. A report released yesterday said that Texas drivers are paying about $1,500 extra because of our poor roads and congestion. This is why we should all move downtown (assuming your job is downtown) and have one giant scooter gang.

Sex Offender Faces Eviction. When Joshua Gravens was 12, he inappropriately touched his sister. For the past 14 years, he’s been on the sex offenders list. His name being on the list has caused multiple problems, including his most recent worry–homelessness. Gravens is married with four kids. Their apartment complex is threatening to evict him because he didn’t notify the office of his status, though he says he did. Unfortunately, his leasing officer has left. Based on advice from a lawyer, Gravens is staying in the apartment until a judge orders him out. Gravens will be eligible to be removed from the  list in 2017.

SNOW! THERE MAY BE SNOW THIS WINTER! I have a hate/hate relationship with the sun. I also have a hate/hate relationship with the heat. That’s why I’m so excited to see this report about what may happen this winter in Dallas.


  • BeccaLyn

    I share the same relationship with the sun and heat as you do Krista…so excited to see that report! Was really bummed last winter because it was so mild.

  • Bruce

    I want the cold snap to come too. Hopefully we will get a break from the allergens and Mosquitos.

  • Giggles

    In other news, there was that little Senate debate last night for today’s question: Is Cruz really a troll?