Leading Off (10/23/12)

First Day Early Vote Totals Down In Dallas County. In 2008, 34,000 voted on the first day of early voting. Yesterday, it was just under 28,000. But Republican turnout looks like it’s slightly up. Of course, the number are up in Tarrant County. Feel free to make wild extrapolations in the comments.

Cycling Ordinance Debated. The “don’t intentionally try to scare the hell out of cyclists” ordinance still needs some work, apparently, before going back to the full City Council. Mostly, they have to figure out how to not do any of the stuff in the original ordinance, probably. Except the no throwing stuff at cyclists. Everyone seems cool with that. Except Nancy.

Atmos Could Cut Down 12-Mile Path of Trees in Flower Mound. Which the people in Tree City, USA (as Flower Mound was designated by the Arbor Day Foundation) are not terribly pleased about.

There Was a Funeral For Big Tex. Because of course there was.


  • I’m sill kinda bummed about Big Tex. Also, if he is replaced, I keepwondering will he be like the oiginal, or be creatd in an up-to-date fashion.

    I wonder where we go from here? Will there be a support group? Shouldn’t there be a final resting place designated for Big Tex, or if there is a new Big Tex does that mean you don’t have to have a formal burial plot? Wait, instead of a burial plot, what’s the rules for cremated remains??? I’m so confused.
    One thing that would bring some comfort to me, and I assume the north texas community, would be to know what’s going to happen with a replacement Big Tex?

  • Kk

    @lewp, the fair have experts testing the metal framework that is the remains of Big Tex, to see if it retained the integrity to use it to build Big Tex II. If they do choose to use it there aren’t really any remains – he burnt up pretty thoroughly. If they don’t reuse his hands I guess they could be cremated since we now know that material (his head was made of it) burns quickly and easily. If they can reuse his metal structure then he’s still Big Tex to me, just refurbished.

  • Long Memory

    I heard that Mitt Romney has already come up with a plan for replacing Big Tex. There are Chinese workers fabricating the new and improved Big Tex even as we read this Comments section. More details after the election. They’re sure you’re gonna love it.

  • “There is also a Big Tex Grief Support group on Facebook to help answer questions like when it’ll be okay to stop wearing black.”

  • bc

    I got a look at the insurance on it several years ago and they have a chunk of change to work with replacing it. Not valued as high as you’d think, but still enough to build a small house or a giant cowboy.